5 Things To Know Before Visiting Ljubljana

Europe, Slovenia

In the most literal sense, the word ‘wandering’ means to travel or walk around aimlessly, without any particular destination.

When I starting hitting the road frequently, I decided that I would wander as often as I could, and not fall to the usual travel routine/schedule of most backpackers and tour guides. That I would go to places, old and following only my own sense of wanderlust.

That wanderlust brought me recently to the city of Ljubljana, the capital and the largest city of Slovenia. You can be forgiven if you are hearing about this city for the first time. I too had a very limited knowledge about the place.

But after spending a few days in its hidden gem of a city, I can honestly say that it would be a major missed opportunity if you don’t visit Ljubljana at least once in your life.


Ljubljana is quite an unassuming city, that has everything you need for a fairy tale travel experience. Beautiful canass, awesome bridges, cobblestone roads, architectural highlights, and great food. It even has dragons. Yes, you heard that right.

Compared to other European cities, Ljubljana is a bit on the latter part of everyone’s bucketlist, but maybe not for long. Tourism in the city is steadily increasing and many travelers, wanderers such as myself are spreading the word about the city’s beauty and hopefully, that would translate to more visitors in the future.


And if you interested to come visit Ljubljana, here are some of the things you need to know about the city.

Where on Earth is Ljubljana? 

Ljubljana is located at the heart of Slovenia. It’s no wonder that this charming city has become the economic, cultural, political and administrative hub of Slovenia. For its part, the beautiful nation of Slovenia is located in Eastern Europe, right beside Croatia. There are only two million people living in Slovenia so its not cramped and chaotic like some big Western European countries.  You can easily fly to Ljubljana or take a bus from surrounding cities such as Budapest, Zagreb and even Trieste in Italy. Currency is not a problem since it uses Euro.

What can you see in Ljubljana? 

For a city as small as Ljubljana, it is quite surprising to know that there are in fact a lot of great things to see here. You can start your wandering at the Old Town are, where a lot of interesting spots can be visited within a few steps or streets away from each other.


In the Old Town Area, you can go to the Preseren Square where you can see the city’s beautiful pink church. Around it, you will catch a glimpse of the city’s architectural wonders ranging from Art Noveau (see Hauptmann Square and Vurnik house) to Vienna Secession.


Photo from Pixabay

You will also see the famous Three Bridges designed by Slovenia’s most famous architect Joze Plecnik. The three bridges connect the older parts of the square to the newer ones.


All along the city’s main heartbeat lies the enchanting Ljubljana river, lined by cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. I particular love the ice cream shop at the very corner of the bridge next tot he square.

High above the city stands the Ljubljana Castle. It is not as big or as impressive as other castles in Europe but it has a killer view of the city. You can walk/climb the winding roads towards the castle or you can take a funicular, which would cost some euros. Entrance to the castle is not free, but some areas can be seen without paying the fee.


My most favorite part of the city is the Congress/Town Hall Square where you can see the robba fountain or The Fountain of the Three Carniolan Square. The fountain is a lot similar to the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona in Rome. All around the square, there are restaurants where you can dine al fresco style, which is quite relaxing, really.


If you are feeling religious, you can spend a few minutes at the beautiful St. Nicholas Church. You just have to see the impressive ceiling and domes of this magnificent Baroque cathedral. The green domes depict hundreds/thousands of angels and it’s quite an experience to see. Before you event enter the church, the carved bronze doors made for Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1996, will captivate you.

Is there really a dragon there? 


Of yes, ask any local from Ljubljana where the dragon is and they will easily point you to the famous Dragon Bridge. Built in 1901, the dragon bridge was built to commemorate the 40th year rule of Franz Josef of the Hamburg empire. Later on, the dragon has been incorporated to the coat of arms seal of the city, and almost every important signage.

What local delicacy can you try in Ljubljana? 

Just like most cities in Europe, Ljujljana is a foodie’s playground. You will have hundreds of options for coffee, cakes, desserts and breads. The wines are great too.

You shouldn’t leave the city without having a hearty serving of cream cake, which is available in virtually any restaurant in the city. On the extreme side, if you are quite adventurous when it comes to food, you can try Slovenia’s horse burger. I know, I know. I didn’t try it though.


What I fell in love with is Ljubljana’s famous Klobasa or Carniolan sausage. This heavenly product of ground pork,salt and spices is just too addictive that I must have consumed 5 during my stay.

For a good klobasa, visit the Klobasarna in the Town Hall Square. If you visit at night, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some local musicians/buskers while eating your klobasa. There are a couple of benches where you can just sit down and relax.


What’s the hippest part of the city? 

Definitely, the hippest part of Ljubljana is the Metelkova Mester, an alternative neighborhood developed from a former army barracks. Now, it is a lively, artistic commune frequented by hipsters, artists and free spirited youth. Even better, this hip hub has several bars and clubs where you can just unwind and party. Who says Slovenia’s can’t have fun?

Indeed, Ljubljana packs quite a punch for a small city. It has everything for everyone and is definitely worth a visit. Yes, I totally wandered into Ljubljana and didn’t know much about the city before I set foot. A few unforgettable days spent in the city however, has turned me into quite a knowledgeable visitor. Because quite frankly, a beauty such as this city, is not easily forgotten.


Szimpla: A First-Hand Experience of Budapest’s Most famous Ruin Bar

Europe, Hungary

When it comes to attractions,  the big cities  of Western Europe are getting more attention than those in the Eastern side of the region. But what most people don’t realize is that Eastern Europe have so much to offer to almost every kind of tourist or traveler.

Budapest, for example, is a gorgeous city that’ is a melting pot of two kingdoms separated by the mighty Danube. They are connected by the glorious chain gate. This city of full of beautiful attractions, historical sites and of course, modern, must-see destinations.


After roaming around the two kingdoms by day,  one thing you shouldn’t miss while in Budapest are its vibrant nightlife and party scene.

Like any self-respecting traveler, I did my homework and researched about the things I wanna do it Budapest. I could have chosen many other cities in Eastern Europe, but when I read about the city’s famous ruin bars, it was a done deal.


So on my first night in Budapest, I walked 10 blocks from my hotel to Kazinczy utca, to visit Szimpla, the most famous ruin bar in Hungary and one of the most famous in Europe. Lonely Planet even ranked this as the best ruin bar in the region.

For those unfamiliar with the term, ruin bars are just that, bars that mushroomed from seemingly abandoned, ruined establishments. It’s a stroke of hipster genius really.

Get this: what’s the best way to attract the hipster, cool kids of the city? Simple. Create a haven where they can party, drink and chat without the trappings of the usual bar/club.

Since its opening in 2002, Szimpla has changed and shaped the scene in Budapest, giving the city’s alternative scene more room to grow and get a loyal following.. Since its opening, several other ruin bars have sprouted in the city. And while the ruin bar initially catered to the hipster community, Szimpla is also now attracting the richer, more posh kids of the city.  Millennials and young-at-heart tourists from within and outside Europe are also flocking to this spot.


You will feel it, as soon as you take your first step. That pulsating beat, and that youthful electric feel. The bombastic music coming from the loud speakers will immediately put you on a party mood, and make you leave your cares at the door.

On any given night, especially past 10pm, Szimpla Kert is just jampacked with thousands of party goers. And during my visit, the place seemed especially full and I literally had to fight and claw my way to the bar to get some Lager.


As expected, the place is a mess: thousands of graffiti on the walls, bottles and beer cups thrown on the tables, on the bar, and on the floor. The sheer chaos of it all will disorient you in the first few minutes but as you stay on, you will realize that there is actually order in this chaos.

The place is separated into restaurants, mini bars and an open cinema. It’s just difficult to see everything immediately due to the heavy flow of warm bodies streaming in and out of the venue.


Yes it is a mess and people just love it the way it is. Even the questionable cleanliness of the toilets. I guess that’s part of the hipster deal, hahaha.

Szimpla is just unlike any other party place I’ve visited and that’s saying something, considering that I have visited clubs/bars in about 47 countries or so.

If ever get the chance to visit Budapest, I would definitely come back to Szimpla.

Breathtaking Santorini

Europe, Greece

On her very first visit to Santorini, my friend said she was speechless over the sheer beauty of the island.

Splendid, Absolutely gorgeous, and stunningly beautiful. She was using all the superlatives she could find, to describe the Santorini, and even then, she said, her words weren’t enough.

As a casual listener, I always thought that her words were a bit exaggerated. After all, I have been to some amazing place myself, and I thought to myself that I would no longer be surprised by the beauty of Santorini.

Oh, man.  I was so wrong. Santorini is so much more magical and spectacular in real life than any photo or video you can see.

I had the chance to visit Santorini for the very first time recently and I nearly lost my marbles, because it was indeed one of the prettiest things I’ve seen. Even though I’ve been to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, I was still caught off guard by the charm of this jewel of the Mediterranean.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I saw in Santorini. Blog to follow in the coming days.

Note: I used an Asus Zenfone 4 phone to shoot these Santorini scenes. That explains the 4K quality of this teaser video. The phone is highly recommended for traveling since you can take hi-res photos and 4k videos.


Make Meetings and Celebrations More Convenient and Hassle-Free at Summit Hotels and Resorts


Summit Hotels and Resorts is a full service boutique hotel with key amenities for complete relaxation, affordable luxury, bonding time with family, and more. And while it is the top-of-mind location to conveniently spend your staycation in, Summit Hotels is also the prime destination for people to stage memorable gatherings, from large-scale conferences to intimate celebrations.

Each Summit Hotels property provides all the right facilities you would need for a successful occasion.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay

Summit Magnolia

Summit Hotels Magnolia, located along Doña Hemady Street,  Quezon City, is the top choice for residents and businesses for a convenient meeting point in this emerging district of Metro North.

Despite being a boutique hotel, it has premium quality facilities and services which foster a relaxed atmosphere amidst a fast-paced urban environment. It has an elegant event space capable of seating up to 100 guests. This multi-functional event space can be transformed to meet one’s needs, making it a great spot for any event of any kind or size — from small gatherings up to 100 attendees.

For special events away from the densely-populated capital, Cebu stands as one of the country’s key destinations for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). Look no further than at Summit Galleria Cebu, Summit Hotels and Resorts’ newest hotel which boasts of artistry, luxury and contemporary design.

Summit Circle Cebu

It’s the prime spot to hold MICE in this vibrant city. It has a Grand Summit Ballroom that can seat up to 600 guests, as well as smaller function rooms like the Summit Pool Lounge, Sinulog Meeting Room and Mango Meeting Room (can each accommodate 30-35 people) for more intimate meetings.

Each room also has alternative layouts for you to choose from depending on your capacity requirements. Conference attendees would also be given the opportunity to enjoy visiting nearby attractions, such as the iconic Fort San Pedro and Magellan’s Cross, and Cebu’s newest upscale mall, Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Meeting Room

Summit Tagaytay Meeting Room

Those who want to plan grand events someplace only a stone’s throw away from Metro Manila can do so at Summit Ridge Tagaytay. Just a two-hour leisurely drive from the city center, it’s the perfect place for large-scale meetings and banquet celebrations while surrounded by the relaxing sights and sounds of Tagaytay. There are 16 function rooms to choose from, including the Raintree Ballroom that can seat up to 500 people, smaller rooms that can seat 30 to 50 people, average-sized halls that can accommodate up to 150 people, and an open-air events lawn that can hold up to 70 people.

If you don’t want people to be cooped up indoors for your event, check out Summit Ridge’s Sky Lounge which is located at the topmost level of the hotel. It’s an ideal outdoor party venue which can seat up to 120 guests who will be treated to a breathtaking and scenic view of the Taal Lake.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Sky Lounge

Summit Tagaytay Sky Lounge

The Summit Learning Center is also a distinct facility at Summit Ridge. It is designed as a modern conference venue that mimics the auditoriums in Harvard University. It is also equipped with executive tables and chairs, and state-of-the-art AVP facilities, including a built-in projector screen and technical control room.

At Summit Hotels and Resorts, any kind of meeting or convention is always made easier and hassle-free. Whether planned on short-notice or arranged with flair and grandeur, you’re guaranteed to find the events space fit for your occasion.

For your event needs, best available rate and perks, visit www.summithotels.ph.




RCBC Savings Bank Unveils Debit & Win Promo


With the holiday season just around the corner, this spells stressful times for us rushing to complete our shopping list for family, friends, officemates, co-workers, inaanaks and love ones.  With RCBC Savings Bank MyDebit Mastercard, you can skip the ATM lines and use it to pay for your groceries, shopping, dining and more.

The new RCBC Savings Bank (RSB) MyDebit Mastercard gives you access to your funds conveniently anytime, anywhere.  You can access your account in almost 1,500 RCBC & RCBC Savings Bank ATMs nationwide and in over 38 Million in-store merchant partners of Mastercard worldwide.  For your added security, all RSB MyDebit Mastercard are equipped with EMV chip technology which provides better card security and improved standards for card validation.


For a more rewarding experience, you get a chance to win a Samsung S8+ Phone or a Samsung S3 Tablet or a Go Pro Hero 5 Black through RCBC Savings Bank’s Debit & Win Raffle Promo.  Every P1,000 single receipt purchase until December 31, 2017 earns you an electronic raffle entry.  Join now and you might be the lucky winner in the January draw.

Still don’t have one?  RCBC Savings Bank MyDebit Mastercard is available in any of the 154 RSB branches nationwide.  Just bring one valid government ID and the initial deposit requirement so you can start unlocking all that life has to offer.


Stunning Hallstatt

Austria, Europe, Video

We all have hopes and dreams. Some are easily attainable and some border on the impossible and wishful thinking. Often, as life happens, we give up on these dreams, accepting the fact that, just because we want them, doesn’t mean that we will have them.

On the other hand, there are dreams and wishes that we keep safe and nurture in our hearts. No matter how much time passes, and no matter the odds, we hold out hope that they will come true.

This is what Hallstatt is for me. It was a dream not I thought at that time, was nearly impossible for me to fulfill.

I was only 24 when I first saw videos and pictures of Hallstatt. From that moment on, I knew in my heart that I wanted to come visit it someday.  I wanted to see the lakeside wooden houses facing the Austrian Alps.

But I knew that it was a pipe dream. I was a starving journalist then and my salary wasn’t enough to afford a trip to Europe. So I put the dream in the back burner,  hoping for some miracle.

It took me 10 years before I could finally fulfill this dream, but  Ofinally, I was able to achieve recently and the long wait, only makes the trip all the more sweeter and memorable.

Here’s a short video of what I saw in Hallstatt. More stories on Hallstatt coming soon.

Photos and Videos Taken Using Asus Zenfone 4


Go Hotels Opens New Branches in Metro Manila


Go Hotels, the first Filipino home-grown value essential service hotel chain in the country, has opened four more branches to cater to smart travelers in search for affordable yet comfortable accommodations.

The four new branches: Cubao-Quezon City, Ermita-Manila, Manila Airport Road in Paranaque, and North Edsa-Quezon City,  are all strategically-located near prime destinations and with easy access for guests.

“Metro Manila has an energetic spirit; it’s home to some of the country’s business districts and important landmarks,” said Go Hotels general manager Elizabeth D. Gregorio. “We plan to open more branches in the metro with the emergence and increasing number of smart travellers—local and international.”


Cubao: The Precinct of Manila’s Underground Scene

Cubao is an urbanite’s delight. Who is not familiar with the famed Araneta Center? Its streets are packed with entertainment of different sorts—shopping, nightlife, flea markets, food hubs—all catering to various tastes and demands of urbanites. At the heart of Cubao sits Araneta Coliseum or the Big Dome, the countries and one of Asia’s most historic indoor arenas  where people witness once-in-a-lifetime events from top local and international acts.

Experience the vibrant spirit of Manila’s underground scene in Cubao Expo, where the city’s well-kept secrets like cool bars, unique vinyl stores, quality thrift shops and cheap eats thrive. If you want to buy items for your vintage collection or maybe just browse through the treasures of the past, head to Vinyl Dump Thrift Store where racks upon racks of records await Vinyl enthusiasts.

After a long day of exploring this vibrant place, stay at the newly-opened Go Hotels along Aurora Boulevard.  Whether you’re here for business or leisure, Go Hotels’ Windsor beds are comfortable enough to relax you.  Maximize your staycation while watching your favorite show at their 32-inch LCD TV. Book your stay here.


The Energetic City of Manila

More than just a bustling city, Manila is the country’s beating heart for a reason. Every street you will pass by has an interesting and important backstory—most of them you can discover beyond reading in history books. At the heart of the city stands Rizal Park, a monumental tribute to our national hero, and it’s just a few walks away from the historic walled city of Intramuros, the centerpiece of Manila’s Spanish heritage.

Manila is also an arts and culture paradise: you’ll find museums that houses precious gems of the past and art galleries with reflective masterpieces that will fill your soul. Get cultured at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where you can witness Manila’s top performing arts or visit modern art galleries that feature the works of some of the country’s finest artists. Don’t forget to include some of the best art hubs in your itinerary like the National Museum of the Philippines, The Metropolitan Museum of Manila (the MET), and 1335 Mabini.

Perhaps one of the best takeaways in this city is its flourishing nightlife. Catch an awesome roster of live bands and music in the streets of Malate, where neon signs sparkle at night. And if you plan to have an overnight stay, fret not! Have a good rest at the new Go Hotels branch located at 1412 A. Mabini Street, a stones-throw away from Robinson’s Place Manila and a few minutes away from the city’s most important landmarks. For those who like to come and go, Go Hotels Ermita-Manila is safe and secure.  The guest rooms have an in-room safe and luggage storage for your belongings, plus, the entire premises are equipped with 24-hour CCTV security. Click here to book your stay.

The Intersection That Is Manila Airport Road

 Ninoy Aquino International Airport is Manila’s prime gateway to the World. The busiest airport in the country services an average of about 30 million local and international passengers a year.

Keep yourself entertained before, in between Or after your flight.  Go Hotels Manila Airport Road is just near Manila’s growing lifestyle entertainment and gaming hub.

 Entertainment City, also known as E-City (formerly PAGCOR City and Manila Bay Tourism City), is now the prime a gaming and entertainment complex under development by PAGCOR is teeming with casinos that will challenge your luck.  You can spend a few hours at the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum inside the Villamor Air Base and marvel at the aerospace science exhibits and learn more about the military aviation history. Play a good round of Golf at the Villamor Golf Club.

On-the-go travellers can find their temporary haven in Go Hotels Manila Airport Road. It features quality amenities like the Super Shower to wash off your fatigue and a shuttle service to and from the airports for your additional needs. It’s located at 608 Quirino Ave, Parañaque City. Book here.


North EDSA: Shopper’s Paradise

If there’s one thing to say about North Avenue in Quezon City, it’s this: you won’t leave empty-handed. Prime malls like SM North EDSA, Trinoma and Ayala Malls Vertis North stand tall inside this commercial area, and they’re gleaming with items that meet people’s different shopping needs. Sale items are everywhere, so be sure to keep your wallet full or try hard to control yourself.

The district is also an institutional destination. Government offices, hospitals and schools are within its vicinity like the Quezon City Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman and Quezon City General Hospital. If you’re in need of a city break, look no further than the Quezon City Memorial Circle, a lush of greenery where you can de-stress in the middle of the hustles. A number of attractions sits inside, including amusement park called Pedal and Paddle is a perfect escape for families and friends—you should try their exciting amenities such as 4D ride, Skybike, Boat Station… there’s even a fish spa!

A day’s worth of activities is definitely tiring, so why not check-in at an affordable hotel at the end of the day? One footbridge away from SM City North Edsa is the newly-opened Go Hotels, ideally situated along EDSA. Go Hotels North EDSA also near LRT Roosevelt station and bus terminals, so it’s easily accessible. The hotel’s vibe is also fun and energetic, you’ll want to extend your stay. You can easily book here.

I Need A Zenfone 4 Max in My Life!

review, Travel Gadget

There are a lot of things you think you can’t live without, which are, in reality, truly unnecessary. I used to die of envy during my teens, when my friends would drive past our house on their newly polished cars. Now, as a global traveler, I find owning a car  a nuisance, because owning costly material things can weigh you down. Besides, there’s Uber.

On the flip side of the discussion, there are a million things you thought you don’t need, but they are in fact, crucial to your survival and happiness.


Shot Using Asus Zenfone 4 Max

This is exactly the realization I had over the past week as I was asked to try out and review the powerful and highly reliable Asus Zenfone 4 Max. I loved the earlier version of Asus because of the flexibility it gives me when it comes to video and quality. I never thought I would need another variant. Also, I never really took paid attention to battery life, because let’s face, you can always plug your phone and charge. I Or so I thought.


Some of my favorite things

Because I was embarking on a three-week adventure in Europe and the Mediterranean, the past week has been crazy and hectic, more than the usual, as I tried to attend meetings, and finish reports. There was a ton of things left to do, so much so,  that I had to report for work early mornings, and then go home late at night.


The dual rear camera allows for wide-angled shots. Sample sjot of my favorite Starbucks branch.

You know what kept me sane and connected? You got it. While my earlier Asus phones were dependable for entertainment and selfies, it was the  amazing 5000 mAh battery life of the Asus Zenfone 4 that got me through this hell of a week. Needlesss to say, I was able to go the distance.

I charged the phone on Sunday night and I never needed to recharge the phone until Wednesday morning. In between, I was able to make about 50 calls, watch several video presentations on my mobile, surf the internet and listen to some feel good music during my down time. I also dabbed in video blogging.

I also used the 13-megapixel main camera to take some Instagram-worthy pictures.


A garden shot using Asus

And yes, the 8-megapixel front cam, boosted by the live beautification feature of the phone helped me take some selfies that immediately appeared as profile pics in my social media accounts (haha).


I love the beautification feature of the phone

All the while, my other phone’s battery is drained after two hours of multi-tasking.

This week made me realize that I badly need an Asus Zenfone 4 max in my life, especially as hit the road once again and face new adventures.

When traveling, the one thing that always sets me back are drained batteries. I would stumble upon amazing vistas and city scenes, only to find to find out that my phones and cameras are dead.

But those memories will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the long-lasting power of the Asus Zenfone 4 Max.


Singapore Unveils ‘Passion Made Possible”


The Singapore Tourism Board introduced to the Philippines its latest destination brand, Passion Made Possible at the Singapore Travel Showcase, held recently at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. This event gave Filipinos a glimpse of the country’s diverse cuisine, its world-class attractions, shopping destinations and wide range of experiences that can nurture different passions.

Drawing on the qualities that represent Singapore, the new brand Passion Made Possible captures the spirit of the nation, and reflects an authenticity and character that allows it to build stronger connections with global travelers and businesses. It projects the Lion City as a place that enables its visitors to ignite, discover and pursue their passions.

Passion Made Possible was first launched in Singapore in August 2017, then rolled out to more than 16 markets worldwide, including China, India, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States, through a series of consumer launches, trade events, and industry partnerships.


Passion Made Possible is not just a tourism brand; it is a reflection of who we are. We believe Singapore is a place where new possibilities can be discovered and fiery passions can be pursued,” noted Edward Koh, Singapore Tourism Board Executive Director for Southeast Asia, in his welcome remarks during the event.

For her part, Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines H.E Kok Li Peng, who graced the event as Guest-of-Honor, talked about the growing bond between the Philippines and Singapore, as seen in the growth of bilateral ties, tourist arrivals and trade investments between the two countries. She also pointed out that the Philippines and Singapore are each other’s 7th biggest source visitor market in 2016.

SG Fireworks

Awakening passions

Travel vlogger and celebrity, Mikael Daez, and Filipino entrepreneurs Nicco Santos and Andre Chanco, were also present at the event to share how Singapore inspires them and played a role in the discovery and pursuit of their passions.

Owner of Hey Handsome, Your Local, and Any Any, Nicco talked about how he discovered his love for culinary through Singapore cuisine, which continues to inspire the flavors of his 3 restaurants today. Andre, on the other hand, shared how his humble beginnings as a barista at one of Singapore’s premiere specialty coffee shops, led him to start his own coffee journey that paved the way for Yardstick, a b2b enterprise and café. Mikael shared a vlog of his latest trip to Singapore as he talked about his passion for food and adventure, and his favorite spots in Singapore.

Specially-designed “Passion Zones” and their unique attractions made the event an even more engaging experience for visitors to the Singapore Travel Showcase.

Gourmands enjoyed free taste of some of the Lion City’s signature dishes like Chicken Rice and Kaya Toast at the Foodies Zone, which transported them to Singapore’s famed hawker centers. Those with a passion for fashion and shopping got to learn more about Singapore’s local brands such as Benjamin Barker, Naiise and Irvins at the Collectors Zone. Kids were also treated to fun games and activities at the Explorers Zone, which featured a miniature version of the famed Supertrees from Gardens by the Bay, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Singapore Tourism Board Area Director for the Philippines, Lael Loh, said “We are very excited to be holding our very own Singapore Travel Showcase for the first time here in the Philippines. Through this 3-day event, we hope fans and friends will be able to discover what Singapore has to offer. Whether you’re a Foodie, an Explorer or a Collector, we invite you to live up your passions in Singapore.”

Indulge in your passions and find out more about what Singapore can offer at www.visitsingapore.com.

Go Hotels partners with Karaksa Hotels, Flytpack, and Daiso Japan for Juan Goes to Japan promo

Japan, Promos

Filipinos can finally tick off Japan from their travel bucket list as Go Hotels, the first value-hotel chain in the country, ties up with Karaksa Hotels, Flytpack and Daiso Japan to bring their newest travel promo, #JuanGoesToJapan.

Japan has always been a dream travel destination for most Pinoys. It’s a country where the past and future meet—blessed with dynamic cities, rich traditional culture and advanced technology. It holds a lot of adventures and surprises that cater to every Filipino’s travel aspirations so it’s no wonder it’s on top of our bucket lists.

Go Hotels has partnered with three well-known brands in this promo: Karaksa Hotels, a three-star leisure hotel with branches at Osaka and Kyoto; Flytpack, a Wi-Fi router you can access overseas that is truly a travel essential, and Daiso Japan, your one-stop shop for affordable Japanese finds starting at P88.

[Eblast]Juan goes to Japan-01

By booking directly with Go Hotels, bookers get a chance to fly to Japan’s culinary capital, Osaka! Book your trips from July 10, 2017 to October 10, 2017 and get a chance to win a 4D/3N Trip for 2 to Osaka which includes a roundtrip airfare, 4D/3N hotel accommodation in Karaksa Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi I, Japan rail passes for 2 and overseas pocket Wi-Fi courtesy of Flytpack and travel kit from Daiso Japan PH.


Everyone can participate by simply booking to any Go Hotels branch. Every 1,000 worth of bookings entitles guests to one (1) e-raffle ticket. Note that bookings must be made directly through Go Hotels website, front desk or customer service starting July 10, 2017 (12:00 am) until October 10, 2017 (11:59 pm) regardless of stay dates. Corporate and OTA bookings are not qualified to join this offer.

The winner will be chosen through an electronic raffle on October 12, 2017, and will be announced on October 15, 2017.

#JuanGoesToJapan is one of the efforts of Go Hotels’ for its Book Direct campaign where direct bookers are privileged with perks for booking directly through the Go Hotels website (www.gohotels.ph), hotels’ front desks and Customer Service.

Last chance to book your way to Osaka! Offer runs until October 10, 2017! For more details, visit www.gohotels.ph.