Crisostomo’s: A New Way to Enjoy Old Favorites

The Philippines

With the mixture of influence from colonizers and the rest of the Western world, it is no longer a surprise to hear the very diverse food preference of many Filipinos.

You can see lots of Japanese, Italian and Thai restaurants in the country that sometimes, you can’t help but wonder, is the old traditional Filipino taste already seeing its demise?

One restaurant, found in the heart of the newer side of Metro Manila, begs to disagree.

With renewed vigor, Crisostomo’s a restaurant claiming to serve turn of the century food, is bringing back the interest for Filipino delicacies with gusto. It has even improved some of the most common Filipino dishes we have.

One perfect example is the classic adobo. Every Filipino household can serve you adobo but Crisostomo’s made its own recipe of the Filipino classic by cooking it twice and adding adobo flakes. The end result is its best seller “Adobo Damaso”

There was also the classic pulutan tokwa at baboy which is marketed under “Crispin and Basilio”.

But what captured my interest was its version of “Pinoy Paella”. .
Alright, Paella is a Spanish dish but Crisostomo’s reinvented it to make it more appealing to the Filipino palate.
How, you may ask. By mixing “inihaw na liempo”, “sugpo”, chicken and adobo flakes, it has created a version of Paella that is so unique yet gastronimically satisfying.
The entire pan, which costs P350 was supposedly good for two to three people but my friend and I can hardly finish it. The serving was generous that the cost was justified.
For beverage, I could have been more adventurous with Duhat shake or something similar but I stuck with the classic sago at gulaman.

The turn of the century concept was well thought of and it was incorporated to almost everything: from the names of the dishes to the interiors of the restaurant.

Crisostomo’s Filipino-Spanish motif was a breath of fresh air inside the uber modern Resorts World in Pasay City.  There was also Parmigiana, which is obviously Italian

It was also a respite from the mostly foreign-themed restaurants nearby such as the Tao Yuan Chinese restaurant and Jackie Show.

Across the restaurant’s you can see the huge signage of the bar Republic. Talk about being in the heart of the city.

About the prices of the dishes, admittedly, they were quite steep, not to mention the 10 percent service charge. but I guess, if you want to enjoy food that is of higher quality and taste, then you have to shell out a bit more money.

Being inside Resorts World, Crisostomo’s understands that its target market, which are the more affluent families and food connoisseurs can really spend well.


One thought on “Crisostomo’s: A New Way to Enjoy Old Favorites

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