Revisiting the Aquino Museum in Tarlac

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The facade of the Aquino Museum

In 2001, former Philippine Pres. Cory Aquino opened the Aquino Museum inside the sprawling Hacienta Luisita in Tarlac province.

This small structure, which served as an exhibition hall and a small museum was supposed to highlight the life and works for her husband, former senator and a national hero Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Sr.

As it turned out however, the soft-spoken woman, who roused an entire country from its dark Martial law era into the glorious days of democracy, would become an even larger and more influential figure in shaping the history of the Philippines and its people.

Her magic was so great that she was the first woman president in Asia and she led the first blood-less revolution in world history. She received accolades from here and abroad, putting the Philippines in the limelight for so many years.

Her death in 2009 was sudden and it awakened in millions of Filipino that sense of nationalism and Filipino pride that was missing for so long. Her ideals and leadership in humility, became once again an inspiration to many to aspire for a clean republic.

In the middle of such changing times, that small museum in Tarlac, was frozen, managing only to feature some parts of Cory’s lives, (mostly as the wife of Ninoy) and of her proclamation as president.

Cory’s achievements as president and the legacy she left behind even after her president was not captured by the museum.

Furthermore, the small museum, despite its importance to the history of this nation, is not as popular and impressive as other museums in the country.

The blood-stained cloth of Ninoy Aquino taken after his assasination on August 21, 1983

In fact, not so many people are aware of its existence.

Ten years after its inauguration, the Aquino Museum, through the efforts of the Lafarge Philippines and Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, finally decided to revamp the museum, this time, showcasing Cory as an enigmatic leader during and after her presidency.

The changes are expected to be dramatic and the museum’s interiors are expected to be improved drastically. The move, is expected to attract more Filipinos to see it and hopefully appreciate the importance of the contributions of both Ninoy and Cory to achieving the democracy and freedom we now all enjoy.

Before the changes are reflected however, I decided to share with you some photos of the Aquino Museum.

The simple but famous yellow dress Cory wore during her presidential inauguration
The Aquino family circa 1950s
A replica of Ninoy’s detention cell in Fort Bonifacio

Who knew? Cory’s paintings made after her presidency (1997, 1998, 1999)

More paintings

Ninoy counting the days and nights of his imprisonment


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