The Spacious Rooms of Pico Sand Hotel

Hotels, The Philippines

Hotel fees normally account for about one third of anyone’s total travel expenses. And with that much money leaking from their budget, it’s totally understandable for anyone to demand rooms that are worth their hard-earned dough.

Unfortunately though, most hotel rooms are too small. Even deluxe rooms of your average 3-5 star hotels sometimes disappoint by being so limited in terms of floor area, that you can cross them from the door to the veranda in a few steps.

I had this bad experience in Tokyo, where I stayed in a supposedly 4 star hotel, which, despite its exorbitant cost,  was so small, that my luggage could not even fit at the foot of my bed. It was so small that I had to walk sideways.

Weird huh?

take note of the spacious floor area

The small floor area was justified by the extremely high cost of real estate in Japan, but still, it was uncomfortable.

But luckily, this perennial problem on hotel space was at the top of the head of brilliant architects when designed and built the  Pico Sands Hotel, a premiere development inside the SM Land Inc-owned Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas.

While most other hotels, let their guests cramp inside matchbox hotel rooms, Pico Sands totally solved the problem by making their rooms so spacious that some of the rooms could fit dozens.

The hotel website even says that some of the rooms can fit as much as 150 guests.

That may sound like an exaggeration but looking around my spacious room, I could easily see that many people standing up, hobnobbing  with each other during a cocktail party.

Rooms inside Pico Sands are furnished with queen-sized beds and the floor were just amazingly spacious that I thought of doing some cartwheels when I first got into my room.

Visitors of the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club are lucky to have this facility where they can stay. I haven’t seen hotel rooms this spacious in Metro Manila, except of course, if your renting a penthouse.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that in Pico Sands, you won’t have to feel cramped in very small hotel rooms because as a valued guest, space, and a generous amount of that, is already accorded to you. Space is a luxury , the hotel, thinks is just right for you.

Here are some photos of my room as proof of the unbelievably spacious rooms inside Pico Sands


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