Food Heaven At Cafe Ilang-Ilang, The Manila Hotel

Food and Dining, Hotels, The Philippines

Manila Hotel is one of the most prestigious and most historic hotels/establishments in the Philippines.

But it is also one of the oldest. Customers cite antiquated room styles and designs, few dining options.

Now, the hotel’s rich history is part of its charm but you can’t blame customers if they clamor for updates and new amenities.


In recent years, there had been questions whether the hotel is becoming a thing of the past, especially as other leading hotels in the country, along with upstarts, continue to offer fresh and innovative ways to serve customers better.

Fortunately, the younger generation of the Yap family came in keen on turning things around.


In recent years, Manila Hotel embarked on a revitalization program that turned things around quickly.

The most evident and talked about change in Manila Hotel was its dining options.


Spearheaded by the younger generation, Manila Hotel opened Café Ilang-Ilang, its main all-day dining café located at the hotel’s ground floor.

Sleek in design, aspirational in price, and a menu to die for, Café Ilang Ilang has swiftly become one of the leading buffet dining destinations in Metro Manila.


I had the wonderful opportunity of dining in Café Ilang Ilang very recently and I must say that I was indeed in food heaven.

Scroll down to see why.

I am not a salad person, simply because I don’t like vegetables but for lots of other people out there, the café’s many veggie options are simply breath taking.


The bread section is awesome.

There are about nine food sections in Café Ilang Ilang and the Japanese and China sections are simply my favorites.

There are lots of sushi and dimsum options to choose from and with those two sections alone, you can already feel fully satisfied. The tempura bar also never runs out of veggie and prawn tempura even if the queue is quite long.


The grill section is also one of the most popular. I had my share of medium rare beef roast, along with a few slices of lamb and pork. My nephew who went also couldn’t get enough of the roast beef.

We also tasted dishes from the seafood and Philippine sectiosn. I especially loved the fresh tiger prawns and oysters.

In the South Korean section, I had my fill of chapchae and kimchi.


In the dessert section, my nephew enjoyed his gelato while I lingered in the cakes and halo-halo section.

Overall, its one of my best buffet experiences in years.

My nephew and I went there on a Tuesday. Had we gone on a Thursday, we would have experienced Steak night. On Fridays, Café Ilang ilang celebrates seafood night.


On Saturdays and Sundays, the all-time Filipino favorite lechon or roasted pig is also served.

The prices range depending on days but generally speaking, Café Ilang Ilang is pricier and more premium as compared to other hotel cafes.

Thanks to its good food and reputation, Café Ilang Ilang is definitely one of the best.



NOTE: Pictures were taken using the Sony DSC-TX20. Thank you Sony!!!!


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