A mini review of Swiss Deli in Davao City

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During my most recent travel to Davao City, I have had the pleasure of indulging in a wide array of food styles thanks to various restaurants.

One that I really fell in love with was the Swiss Deli, located along J.P. Avenue in Lanang.  It is very close to the newly built Park Inn Radisson and SM city Lanang.

It has been the rage in Davao since 2003, but 10 years after it started operations, it remains one of the most visited dining establishment in the city. And it has since started distributing their products to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao through various malls and supermarkets.

The Swiss Deli in Davao City is a quaint little restaurant that serves authentic Swiss delicacies.

The set-up is quite intimate perfect for tete-a tetes or small gatherings among close friends. They have a smoking area at the ground level and a private/airconditioned function room.

True to it’s name, they also sell wines, cheese, chocolates and other delicatessen imported all the way from Switzerland and Europe.

I have had the pleasure of trying out their ribs and prime beef and they are heavenly!!!!

Their sausage is to die for!!! I throroughly enjoyed it, I ate four whole sausage’s equivalent, hahaha. No kidding.

I also tried some of their swiss cheese and blueberry cheesecake and they’re awesome.

What I rea like is that the prices are not that exorbitant and the service is fast. The staff and crew are very accommodating, ready to assist customers at a moment’s notice.

Whenever you’re in Davao, I recommend that you visit this resto. You’ll really love it.


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