Food Heaven in Wee Nam Kee in Glorietta 2

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Better late than never.

For the entire months of May and June, patrons of Wee Nam Kee in Serendra and Glorietta had the pleasure of tasting first-hand the best of the best when it comes to chicken. The wagyu of chicken, if you must.
I was one of those who tried it in Glorietta and I just can’t help but share with you what the fuss was all about.
Anyone who loves Hainanese chicken knows that the original flavor came from Singapore. 
You can try the more expensive chicken house or you can just check out the hawker centers such as Tiong Bahru, but nonetheless, you will taste authentic flavor that makes it one of the most beloved chicken dishes.
The popularity of Hainanese chicken has spilled over to the Philippines and several chicken restaurants specializing in the dish mushroomed in the country’s leading malls. I must confess that I’ve tried some just because I love the dish but I can never compare it to the original dish I had in Singapore.
Then Wee Nam Kee opened in the Philippines and Filipinos finally had the chance to taste the real “hainanese chicken”. I even find it better than my erstwhile favorite version of the dish served at Marco Polo Club.
But as I’ve said, Wee Nam Kee upped the ante during the past months and gave local patrons the chance to taste the wagyu of chicken, the yellow chicken imported all the way from Singapore.
What’s the difference between local chicken and the one from Singapore you may ask. Well, I can say that the yellow chicken from Singapore is miles away in terms of appearance and taste. If you place them side by side, you will notice that the yellow chicken are much bigger. 
Reportedly, these chickens are fed with premium corn resulting in the bigger size and better taste.
The skin is fatter and more succulent. In fact, you will see a gelatinous layer of fat under the skin. It was really superb. The meat is also firmer than normal chicken.
We tried both the steamed yellow chicken and the roasted one but I really the steamed, because it brings out the best in the chicken.
I also tried different dishes and I loved some of them
I really fell in love with their Marmite Pork Ribs.
I also tried Wee Nam Kee’s Cereal Prawns. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like it because eating something sweet sometimes affects your appetite. Suprisingly, it didn’t and I really loved the dish.
I also tried their spicy squid, fried noodles and vegetables.
Compared to Wee Nam Kee branches in Singapore which are very small in area, the one in Glorietta is more spacious and elegant. You can tell that it caters to the more affluent and discerning diners.
I wanted to try more dishes but I was really full eating too much yellow chicken and marmite pork ribs.
Overall, I really enjoyed my Wee Nam Kee experience and if ever it decides to bring in the yellow chicken festival once again, I would gladly spend good money to try it again.

Spicy Squid

Cereal Prawns

Marmite Pork Ribs

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