A Review of Alpa City Suites in Mandaue, Cebu

Hotels, The Philippines

As mentioned, I recently had the pleasure of exploring Cebu once again. Being a major city, there is so much to explore in Cebu no matter how often you visit the province.

This time though, it was a business trip so almost everything was pre-arranged by my company and corporate sponsor.

I have my preferred hotels in the province so when I was told that I was staying in Alpa City Suites, I really didn’t know what to expect since that was the first time I heard of it.

As in turned out, it was a very good business hotel that is worth every penny.

Located in Hernan Cortes St corner F. Cabahug in Mandaue City, Alpa City Suites is about 30 minutes away from the airport. If you take a yellow coupon taxi from the airport, it will cost you about P210.

It is five minutes away from Ayala Mall and Parkmall Cebu.

In all honesty, it is one of the most affordable hotels I’ve been to. It is therefore not a surprise that the hotel was almost always fully booked.

Despite a prior reservation, I wasn’t able to make an early check in because all rooms regardless of class were occupied. I had to wait until 1pm before I was able to check in.

There are 84 rooms in Alpa City Suites and I took a superior suite priced at a friendly rate of $70 per night. The executive suites are priced at $76, while the Deluxe suites are at $80 while the royal suites are at $86.

The hotel has very few facilities just a small conference room, small buffet area Amo’s cafe, where guests also have their breakfast. There is also a small business center in the lobby.

But for $70 per night, I was suprised to see a bigger than usual ordinary room. I assume that the others rooms are even bigger. The room has a huge flatscreen TV, a 7 foot fridge filled with beverages and alcoholic drinks, and a bigger than usual comfort room. All rooms are equipped with wi-fi and LAN.

The only bad comment I have, I guess, is that their buffet breakfast is not too filling. just some toasts, cereals, some omelets, rice and a few dishes. But for the hotel rates, I can’t say i was surprised at all.

Overall, I was satisfied with the rooms and the hotel services. It’s really a good value for money hotel.


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