Disappointing Experience at Sir Edward’s Bar, Grills and Seafood, Malaybalay, Bukidnon

The Philippines

Whenever I visit a new destination, I try my best to explore the city and try out some of its best restaurants.

During my recent Bukidnon trip, I have had a wide variety of restaurant options since the capital town of Malaybalay is quite progressive.

Of course I also took into consideration the recommendations of the locals but to be honest, I don’t always believe what they say because most often than not, locals tend to overpraise one place, especially to visitors.

Needless to say, I went on my own and checked out several restaurant options for our group and stumbled upon Sir Edward’s Bar, Grills and Seafood.


It was actually included in the main recommendations of the locals but I had to see for myself.

Located along Carbajal and Inicial streets, the restaurant was striking from the outside since the entire perimeter was covered with bamboo walls. It’s the first clue that this place serves local delicacies.

Inside, the place is airy and bright and very spacious so that even when it’s full, you won’t feel claustrophobic and you still get the chance to have private conversations with your group.

There are simple artworks posted around so the place is quite colorful.

Aside from the tables, there are also comfortable couches scattered around and this, I later realized, is because the place becomes a bar and drinking joint in the evening. Sir Edward’s is actually one of the most popular evening haunts in Malaybalay.

According to the name and brochure, this restaurant specializes in seafood but the menu is a list of traditional Filipino dishes such as kare-kare, tinola, etc.

When you look around, everyone is ordering bulalo and not seafood.

Regardless, we ordered several seafood platter so they can cook it faster, since we are on a very tight schedule.

They served the food in an interesting way, similar to the budol fight style of soldiers.

Nice presentation indeed but when I finally had a taste of the dishes, I was really disappointed.

I expected it to be very good given the high praises of the locals but for me, the taste was just blah. Their adobo was salty, and their pancit habhab was bland.

The grilled fish was no longer juicy when served. Only their their grilled squid was ok for me, mainly because it was really fresh.

The molo soup was also good.

We ordered halo-halo in buko shells for dessert. At least that, we enjoyed.

The staff was very accommodating but I think, they are not used to servicing large groups of people at the same time.I know, they have been doing it for years, but I think they need improvement.

I really liked the ambiance of the place. If only their put more focus on the food, I think that it will become more of a draw in the future.



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