Awesome Crabs at Gusteau’s Delight in General Santos City

Food and Dining, The Philippines, Weekend Food Trips

As I shared in the past, my line of work allows me to travel within the Philippines, a lot.

And one of the perks of wandering around in those places I go to, is to discover amazing hotels, and dining haunts that locals do not necessarily want to share with the rest of the world.

My colleagues and I stumbled upon Gusteau’s Delight in General Santos last March. It is located right beside Greenleaf Hotel and is quite the major malls and hotel in the city.

I won’t hold back and say that this is very awesome restaurant and you will notice it as soon as you enter.

Everywhere you look, customers are wearing hand gloves and dining bibs so you get to use your hands while eating your crabs. And because of the bibs, you don’t have to worry about being messy.

I can tell you that the crabs are fresh and truly delicious. You can actually hear customers say it.

We also ordered grilled squid and grilled tuna and this being Gen. San, you can be assured that you get the freshest and best tuna in the country.

Gusteau’s also serve prawns and lobsters but I wasn’t able to try them because we were too excited for the main event, the crabs.

The best part about this restaurant? It’s super affordable.

The restaurant staff was accommodating and were very eager to fulfill your needs (and I think the service charge is justified).

For a group of four, we only paid P2,000 including service charge.

Gusteau’s is really highly recommended and I will definitely come back if I ever had the chance to visit Gen. San again.

About that statement of locals not wanting to share it, it just a hunch. I checked and it is not yet listed on TripAdvisor and I was the first one ever to post a review.

I think this is because the locals want to keep it secret and hidden for as along as they could. Once all of the country knows about it, it will never be the same.



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