Sweet Discoveries in Ozamiz: Binigbit and Budbud

Food and Dining, The Philippines, Weekend Food Trips

When was the last time you tasted something for the first time?

A wise person warned me before than when you stop trying something new, in this case, tasting something new, that is when you stop growing as a person, becoming stagnant.

Being a part-OCD person, that sage advice was too much to swallow but eventually, I took it to heart and tried to chance my ways every now and then.

Heeding that warning, I always try to experience something new whenever I travel.

Just today, in my second visit to Ozamiz (the first one was 10 years ago), I committed to let go of my usual inhibitions and try something, anything new.

It didn’t take me too long to do it too.

For the first time ever, I tried Binigbit, a merienda dish that traces its origins to Cebu but is a heavy favorite among Ozamisnons.

Truth be told, Binigbit is quite similar to the Ginataang Halo Halo in Luzon. I think the main difference is the inclusions of taro, milk and purple yam. Other than that, it’s the same ingredients of taro, sweet potato, bananas, jackfruit, sago or tapioca pearls, and coconut milk.

Actually, when I asked around, nobody can say the difference since some version of the halo halo alco have taro, milk and purple yam.

Anyway, they’re both winners in my book.

Another first that I tried is the Budbud or sticky rice sticks. This too is available elsewhere in the country.

But the Ozamismom version has sprinkled sugar on top along with chocolate syrup, elevating the dish to something out of the ordinary.

Most of the sticky rice sticks I’ve tried before were paired with mango slices.

But this version in Ozamis has the chocolate syrup mixed from tablea. If you want to make the dish even classier, you can replace the syrup with melted Swiss or Belgian chocolates.

Really Awesome.

I never thought that I would be able to try two dishes for the first time in the same day.

Can’t wait for more discoveries here in Ozamis.


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