Awesome Meal at Mooon Cafe, Ozamiz City

The Philippines

No matter if its locally or internationally, one of my major concerns whenever I travel is the availability of good restaurants. Because let’s face it, one cannot really enjoy a new destination with a growling stomach.

In the case of my most recent visit to Ozamiz City, finding a good restaurant was imperative since I was visiting because of a business engagement and I didnt have the luxury of time to explore and seek out a distant food joint.

The Gods may have heard my plea because one block away from my hotel room, I found Mooon Cafe.

Yes, the Mexican Inspired restaurant that’s so popular in Guadalupe, Cebu has expanded to Ozamiz and it located at the heart of the city’s busiest district.

The interiors are splashed with vibrant hues creating a very welcoming ambiance.

The ground floor can hold about 50-60 customers but the restaurant has bigger space in the second floor

It’s the not most authentic Mexican restaurant you’ll find but I can appreciate the fact that they tried to decorate the restaurant with Mexican/Aztec designs.

Photo by

Curious about the restaurant’s name, I asked one of the waiters why the Mooon is spelled with three Os. I was thinking that perhaps it signifies the three phases of the moon. Apparently, the three Os signify the names of the three original owners of the restaurant.

Positively famished, I ordered one of the restaurant’s bestsellers: the Mexican Baby Back Ribs and I was not disappointed.

The ribs were tender and cooked with just the right amount of bourbon.

And at P206, I think it’s an awesome deal, rivaling the goodness of the ribs sold at Casa Verde in Cebu.

 I also ordered Nacho de Salsa for appetizer.

For less than P400, I had a very satisfying dinner at Moon Cafe.

And just like what I said earlier, the restaurant is located at the center of the town just a stone’s throw away from the cathedral so it took me less than five minutes back to my hotel.

But hours after that sumptuous meal, I still can’t get over Mooon Cafe.

If I ever get the chance to come back to Ozamiz, I will definitely visit this restaurant again and perhaps enjoy another great meal in this bustling city.


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