An Enjoyable Vacation at Royal Garden Hotel in Ozamiz City

Hotels, The Philippines

Because my job requires me to make frequent trips locally, I have become quite familiar with the quality of local/provincial hotels and I can tell you, only very few are really awesome.

And most of the time, they are quite expensive.

But during my most recent visit to Ozamiz City, I had enough preparation so I researched for the best hotel in town. All travel blogs pointed to Royal Garden Hotel as the best available hotel in Ozamiz. Who was I to resist?

Located along Burgos Street, Royal Garden Hotel is located at the center of Ozamiz’s business district. It is just blocks away from the major church and the available malls and commercial centers in the city.
It is about 10-15 away from the airport.
I initially booked a deluxe room since I thought that it would be a bit expensive considering that it is a boutigue concept hotel. it turns out, the hotel is super affordable and I upgraded to a suit room for only P3,000 per night. It was a total bargain.

When I finally saw my room, I knew that I made a good decision.

 The room was quite spacious, and it had a queen size bed. The room was newly renovated, I can tell, and the AC was supercool (it’s my main requirement).

It had a private bar with complimentary water bottles and coffee, a dining/salon area located on the mezzanine floor.

It had a 32-inch plasma TV and strong, super fast wi-fi signal.
The bathroom was spacious too with a clean, new tub and a functioning heater.
The room was really homey and comfortable that I decided to just stay in as soon as my business engagements for the day were done.
Since it is a boutique hotel, its amenities are limited but it has a royal grand ballroom, a coffee shop located at the ground floor and dining restaurant called Hukad.

During my stay, I simply ordered room service from Hukad and their meals were awesome. I discovered binigbit in this restaurant. The P3k bill does not include complimentary breakfast.

For only P3,000 a night, I really had a great stay in Ozamiz City. I never expected to have a great experience in Ozamiz but thanks to this hotel, my most recent trip was quite enjoyable.

Here are some photos of Royal Garden Hotel for your appreciation.



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