New Gourmet Discovery: Nest MNL Modern Table and Bar in BGC

Food and Dining

Over the past few years, Bonifacio Global City, as the fastest rising urban development in the country, has seen an explosion of bistro, pubs and restaurants catering to the more discerning crowd who need more time for casual relaxation after the daily grind.

This is obviously a welcome development as it gives customers a very wide range of options both in terms of taste and pricing.

One of the newest restaurants in BGC that’s fast earning a loyal clientele is Nest MNL Modern Table and Bar.

Located at the penthouse of the W Fifth Building in between 5th and 32nd street, Nest MNL is a new

destination for gustatory explorers. It is a roof-deck restaurant that offers a blissful union of Asian flavors and Western style cooking, while bringing back the focus to al fresco dining with an added perk of a gorgeous view of the BGC skyline.

Nest MNL is everything modern gourmands need.

With its interiors thoughfully complimented with a garden look and feel, Nest offers a venue for young urban professionals, friends, and modern families to experience luxurious taste taste in a relaxed, sophisticated manner.

Asian meets Western style

Nest’s fusion menu is the brainchild Chef Benjo Tuason who’s is known for creating uncommon flavor combinations that are delectable and pleasing to even the most discerning of palates.

It is the product of his extensive exploration of taste here and abroad over the past years. The chef has worked with a few world-class chefs including popular culinary authority Gordon Ramsay.

This expertise in taste is most apparent is Nest’s signature dishes such as the 5-Spice Roast Pork Belly, an explosion of Kurobuta pok belly, soy and gardlic noodle, and sesame cucumber relish.

5-Spice Roast Pork Belly

5-Spice Roast Pork Belly

Another highlight is the Roast Chicken Supreme or delectable chicken roast complimented with duxelle (fine mushrooms), marble potatoes, veloute, snap peas, grapes and caramelized onions.

Roast Chicken Supreme

Roast Chicken Supreme

Bulgogi Ribeye with a side of soft-boiked quail egg, spinach, glazed shaliots, and sweet potato mash is also a customers’ favorite.

Bulgogi Ribeye

Bulgogi Ribeye

Appetizers include the bestseller Foie Gras with Mushrooms, Spicy Grilled shrimp salad and chunky butternut squash and chickpea soup.

Pan-seared Snapper

Pan-seared Snapper

Foie Gras and Mushrooms

Foie Gras and Mushrooms

Naan Flat Bread-Jamon Serrano

Naan Flat Bread-Jamon Serrano

Chef Tuason mixes his cooking techniques with dedication and passion resulting in a distinctive taste available only in Nest.

“Prep with care, cook with love and serve with pride,” These are the words that he lives by in the kitchen.


Blue Moon

Blue Moon

In terms of beverage, Nest turned to Le Cordon Bleu trained Lee Watson for a collection of 12 signature cocktails such as First Kiss (Bacardi gold, apricot puree, ginger ale and orange twist) and Blue Moon (Maker’s Mark bourbon, black currant, lemon, angostura and blue flower).

Also popular are Spider Web (Dewar’s white scotch, cachaca Brazilian rum, passion fruit syrup and lemon) and Angel’s Breath (Absolut vanilla vodka, cinnamon syrup, licor 43, liqueur, lemon and cherry).

Sexy and I Know It is another cocktail that’s creating buzz for Nest. This signature cocktail is a mixture of Absolut vanilla vodka, rose syrup, lemon and maraschino cherry, and liquer.

Spider's Web

Spider’s Web



Nest is open Monday-Saturday. Happy starts at 5pm to 9pm.


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