Hotel Review: A Not So Pleasant Stay At Ibis Ambassador Hotel in Insadong, Seoul

Asia, South Korea

Where you stay plays a big part of your travel. It’s no wonder then that everyone of us , when booking our grand vacation, chooses the best hotels, or the most value for money accommodation.

During our corporate outing in Seoul, we stayed at the Ibis Ambassador Insadong in Seoul, and it was a bit problematic, leading to a not so satisfactory corporate outing.

To be fair, Ibis Ambassador Hotel is a pretty hotel.

The lobby was elegant and the hotel itself has a very welcoming vibe.

All rooms were new, the beds were soft and the sheets were clean.

The bathrooms were really small, but I can live with that given the fact that most hotels in South Korea and Japan are small. It was no biggie.

The food was satisfactory (limited selection but they taste good).

The wi-fi signal is strong and the rates were justified.

Ibis Ambassadr Hotel also boasts of a very central location in Seoul. It is situated at the very heart of Insadong, a known shopping district of art supplies, antiques and cosmetics.

You can go out of the lobby and walk for about five minutes and you will stumble upon Insadong 6.

The staff were very accommodating and went to great lengths to assist our group. They also have a direct shuttle to and from the Incheon Airport.

Our main beef with this hotel, was its problematic airconditioning system which troubled our 4-day stay.

Our Seoul trip was held during the summer season and naturally, we Filipino guests, wanted our rooms to be cool when we want to rest or sleep.

It just so happpened however, that during our stay, Ibis Ambassador Hotel was saving on power or was limiting the electricity load, thus putting the ceiling on the room temperature.

The rooms were so warm and we could barely sleep.

The morning after our first night, everyone was complaining and we were ready to move to a different hotel.

The manager of the hotel apologized and told us what was happening. Unfortunately, the rooms were fully paid and we could not get a refund from the travel operator so we stayed in this hotel.

If the hotel fixes this problem soon, of if they managed to fix it already, then Ibis Ambassador Hotel would be a better hotel.

If you were to ask me though, I will never stay again in this hotel.


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