A Review of East Asia Royale Hotel in General Santos City

The Philippines

Another business trip, another hotel, and another review.

Thanks to another provincial business event, I have had the pleasure of visiting General Santos City for the second time. And this time, I did not just pass by the city, but I stayed longer.

Our event was being held at the East Asia Royal Hotel and for the sake of convenience (we try to be on time or even earlier during events), we decided to also stay in the hotel.

Now, in all honesty, East Asia Royal Hotel was not my first choice since there is a newer and bigger hotel in the city but I think that for a businessman’s hotel, the hotel was ok. Nothing spectacular, but enough.

There are small meeting and convention rooms and the wi-fi signal is quite strong. The rooms are well maintained and not too small. The bathrooms are clean but the free toiletries are very minimal and of low quality.

The hotel staff were quite accommodate and were always read to assist us for our event and for our stay.

East Asia Royal Hotel is also quite centrally located. Right at the heart of Lagao town, it is a few minutes away from the malls (just across the Gaisano mall) and the GenSan business district. It’s also 5 minutes way from Citra Mina where you can buy the requisite tuna products as pasalubong. It is also 30 minutes away from the airport so you don’t have to race across time getting to your flight.

Room rates were reasonable. Double occupancy de luxe rooms cost P3,600 a night while double occupancy suite rooms are priced at P4,400.

I guess my only complaint was about their weird aircon control. I never really understood why, but the airconditioners inside the rooms are controlled by a master switch. The master switch and it is located inside the room closet.

That would have been fine and I wouldn’t have made any fuss about it if not for the faulty switch in my room.

There were several times during the night when the AC just shut down on its own and the temperature immediately dropped. One thing everyone should known about me is that I am a cold freak. I want it icy.

With the AC turned off, I woke up several times and turned it back on. I had to make angry calls to the reception because the AC situation really disturbed my sleep.

To be fair, I asked my colleagues if they had similar problems but they didn’t. Apparently, it was an isolated case and the switch in my room was just faulty.

Overall, the hotel is average and it’s nothing amazing. Relatively affordable.


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