Awesome Andalusian Breakfast in Seville

Europe, Spain

Traveling is indeed a rewarding experience. It allows you to go out of your comfort zone and expand your perspective in terms of culture, art, and world view. This is also true when it comes to food.

Since I started traveling actively about 10 years ago, I have had a lot of memorable gastronomic adventures and my travel journals are filled with excellent meals in restaurants around the world.

I am quite a fan of Japanese sushi, Korean BBQ, baba ghanoush, phoa hoa, nasi lemak, dim sum, and anything Thai.

During my trip to Spain, my food vocabulary was further expanded as I came face to face to an endless list of Andalucian cuisines I have only ever read and heard previously.

I stayed in Spain for nearly two weeks and admittedly, it’s really difficult to put all my experiences in just one blog. So let me share instead the first ever Andalucian breakfast i’ve had.

While we Filipinos have our silogs in the morning, and the Americans have their continental breakfast. Andalusian breakfast is all about jamon, chorizos and churros.

Jamon ! Jamon!

First and foremost, allow me to state the obvious, You haven’t fully lived until you have a taste of Jamon iberico.

This cured ham, which is considered as a jewel in  the galaxy of Spanish cooking is superb, you can’t resist it. Jamon iberico is prepared from black Iberian pigs so it is really tasty.

As for sausages, there is a wide range of sausages in the Andalusian region. You can try cana de lomo which is quite popular in Jaburgo and surrounding towns. You can also try red chorizo and black morcilla.

But my personal favorite? Salchichon Iberico. It is a kind of sausage seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and then hung to cure in the cool mountain air.

Absent is the usual smoked paprika mixed with other sausages so you will have a real taste of the Iberican pork flavor.

Other Andalusian staples are huevos a la flamenco (flamenco style eggs), gazpacho, soldaditos de pavia, and menudo among others.

Breakfast for Spaniards are usually a light meal affair so while you see a lot of meat, you won’t see the heavy carb superstars such like paella.

Paellas are usually reserved for lunch and dinner.

You can however, get to eat a lot of excellent breads in Andalucia.

For dessert, one cannot finish an Andalusian meal without having some world-famous churros dipped with thick chocolate syrups.

During my first time, I think the maitre d, was keeping his eyes on me because I kept coming back to the churros section hahaha.

You can complement it with some home-style yoghurt which is definitely a local favorite.

Andalusian cooking is really awesome and it is really quite an experience.

For the duration, of my Spain trip, I was able to taste cuisines from Madrid which is more or less the generic Spanish food we know since the city is the melting pot of all tastes and cultures. I can say, however, that Andalusian food has more character and more memorable.


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