How I Got My Australian Tourist Visa in 2 Weeks

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DISCLAIMER: Before I begin, I just wanna remind everyone that this is based on my own experience in securing my Australian Tourist Visa. Also, I also want to point out that I am not in any way connected to the Australian Embassy and its partners.

Any Filipino who wish to satisfy his wanderlust, has to face three grim realities of global travel early on: high cost of plane tickets, expensive hotels, and hard-to-secure visas.

The first obstacle is becoming easier and easier to overcome what with the proliferation of budget airlines and online sites providing cheaper plane tickets. Expensive hotels, meanwhile can easily be avoided thanks to hostels, airbnb, couchsurfing and other forms of homestays. But the problem on visas is a roadblock that one has to face like a soldier. You must be brave and you must be ready.

Most ASEAN countries have already waived their visa requirement but major destinations such as the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia continue to require visas for all travel purposes.

For the longest time, I have always wanted to visit Australia and discover the adventures that await me there. But to be honest, I have always been discouraged by the complex process of applying for a visa.

Thank God I finally had the courage to try and after going through a lot of difficulties, I was finally able to secure a 3-month tourist visa to Australia and I will be flying to the land down under in December.

I got my visa in as fast as two weeks after the embassy received my documents.

So how did I do it? Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to apply for a visa.

First and foremost, you must know that you can’t lodge your application directly to the Australian Embassy. The embassy has tapped a commercial company VFS Global to accept all visa application for the Commonwealth. Got it, you may read on.


1. The very first step is quite simple and obvious. Know the visa type you need to apply for. You can check it out by clicking this site of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Find a Visa. At the left side of that page, there is a pricing estimator which will guide you on the cost of visa application fee you will need to pay. Or you can just simply click Pricing Estimator

For the purposes of this blog, I will disclose that I applied for a multiple entry tourist visa for holiday which falls under Visitor Visa Subclass 600. And the visa application cost was AUD130 or about P5,700 (this is the most updated rate)

2. To apply for this visa, you must first gather all the required documents. According to the Australian Embassy, here are the Required Documents.

Basically that list includes the ff:

  • Information on Visitors Visa— 
  • Visa Application Form— 
  • Visa Application Fee (for tourist visa is P5,700) payable to Australian Embassy
  • Addl Service Fee for VFS Global (P1,330 payable to VFS Services Philippines Private Inc.
  • Personal documents (copy of passport, stamps, visa, entry and exit stamps) and 1 passport size photo attached to the application form
  • Financial documents (copies of bank deposits with history, bank statement or payslips over a period of time, credit card statements and limits, letter of support from Australian contact with the above evidence of financial capability
  • Evidence of intended purpose of travel (plane booking, hotel booking, detailed itinerary

My passport was really thick and it has a lots of stamps on it due to my travels over the past years and I was undecided which stamps to include so I decided to include my entire passport (not adviseable though).

The Visa fee and the service fee for VFS should be paid via Manager’s Check. Go to your bank and ask them to issue them for you. Normally, banks charge P100 for each check.

For financial documents, I included ITR, certificate of employment with compensation. I have very little money in the bank since I traveled to three countries earlier this year, so I included pay slips and bank statements for 3 months.

For evidence of travel, I sought the assistance of leading travel agency Avenix Travel ( to issue a dummy plane booking. Avenix booked me a tentative booking at one of the leading airlines in Asia and sent me a copy via email.

Separately, I made tentative hostel booking at hostelworld and attached the reservation form. I also included an approved leave of absence form.

Understand this: Australia is a first world country and the cost of living is high. Since I have very little money in the bank, I explained well in the application form how I intend to survive with the amount of money in my bank for the duration of my stay.

I explained that I will be staying at a hostel (identified) and that I will be visiting tourist areas, places of interest that do not necessarily require expensive fees and transport. e.g. (Coogee to Bondi walk, Manly beach.

I do not know whether that will work for everyone, but I guess, the embassy considered my travel history (as seen on my stamps) that I travel a lot and I always go back.


Once you have filled up all the forms including the 14-page application form, you may now call up VFS Global and arrange for pick-up appointment at your preferred date and place. You can schedule by clicking this link

Or by emailing or by making a personal appearance at their office located at VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc., Mezzanine floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building, 2305 Pasong Tamo Extension Makati City.

Once the courier picks-up your documents, the waiting game begins.

As a matter of policy, it takes the Australian Embassy one month to give a reply to your application form.

Note however that the time it takes VFS to collect all your documents and sort it is not included in the 1 month rule. It is really adviseable to apply for your visa two months before your intended travel.

In my case, it took only 2 weeks. I think its because of my travel history and the completeness of my documents. But again, this does not happen often so apply early.


You can track the status of your application by clicking this link.

Be advised however that you will have to have a VLN number before you can use this portal. It takes a week before after application before you get a VLN and you can get it by calling the VFS hotline.


Two weeks after, the embassy returned my passport. It’s an original document so they had to return it. Unfortunately, it had no response included in the pouch. No Visa Grant and No Visa Rejection as well.

I was beginning to panic. I didnt want all my hardwork to go to waste so I contacted VFS Global to report the situation. After a few calls, they gave me the direct landline of the Australian Embassy which I immediately called. the phone was answered by a computer prompt which advised me to email the embassy regarding the status of my visa application form.

The email was ‘’

I advise everyone to exercise caution. Please email only if the visa application is already past one month. I only emailed them since they already completed processing my visa as checked on the VFS Global portal and they already returned my documents without a decision.

After a day, they emailed me back and it was A Notice of Visa Grant.

I really cried because of too much joy. All the difficulties I went through paid off and I couldn’t be happier now that I will soon be able to see Australia, one of the most gorgeous countries in my bucket list.


150 thoughts on “How I Got My Australian Tourist Visa in 2 Weeks

  1. Hello po ask ko lang sir how many months may re apply again ng tourist visa deny kasi una ko apply dahil hindi daw sila satisfied sa mga documents na submit ko ..gusto ko ulit mag apply visa naman .same lang ba sa tourist visa ang requirements? complete ko naman requirements ko kaya lang deny parin i think because no travel history ang passport ko ..thank you

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  2. Hi Ask ko lang po how many months ako mag hintay for re apply visit visa ang apply ko before but deny ang apply ko dahil hindi daw sila satisfied ..pwede ba palitan holiday visa from visit visa ?
    thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pwede konting tulong lang sa inyo? Australian citizen ako at never pa akong nag invite ng visita rito. Invite ko sana gf ko rito sa dec for bakasyon lang kahit 4 weeks. Wala pa syang passport at never nag travel abroad syempre. At the moment inaayos na passport nya. 10 days pa makukuha. I work naman as a full time employee ng gubyerno, at willing akong mag shoulder sa lahat ng gastusin nya. di kase sya nag work at bakante lang sya dahil kaka grad lnag ng nursing. Paano puba ang simula kong gawin… if okay lang sa inyo replayan nyo ako sa email ko. na check kuna website ng philaust embassy naguguluhan lang ako ng konte eh. Appreciate kupo ang tulong ninyo.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing! I applied online for a tourist visa (subclass 600) for Australia and got approved after 2 days! I just submitted all the required docs listed on their website application page. My bank account balance is 100k only but got approved to stay there for 3 months! I’ll be spending my bday, Christmas, and New Year in Australia. See you in November! 😀

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  4. hello po, im new here , i have a question nawala ko po kasi ang original copy ng NSO ko, photocopy lng meron ako. Should i get a new NSO or okay na yung photocopy lng ng birth certificate, i need your reply ASAP please. Appreciated – Jek

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  5. I will be lodging my application nextweek guys, hoping and praying that i’ll be approve so i can spend time with my boyfie this december in OZ, what i ask from him is only his passport, pay slips, letter of invitation , Are these enough? please reply ASAP please. Appreciated

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  6. Hi, i just finished reading the steps how to get visa for 2 weeks. I wish also to visit and have a short tour in Australia. I heard a lot of good things in that place and even when i was a young my dream to is to visit Australia…. i wish this end of the year or by next year ☺☺☺…. thanks to you for sharing your experience on how to get visa…

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  7. Hi!!! Do you have any idea what financial proof do I have to obtain since I’m still a medical student and my father will shoulder my expenses during my travel? My father is an overseas worker and he’s exempted from the ITR. Thank you so much! 🙂

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  8. Heloo my ticket n po ako for july 2017 and will plan to apply for a aus tourist visa sa january kc gusto ko gamitin din yung visa when approve to enter taiwan sa march. Kc pd n dw po yun sa taiwan. Okay lng naman po yung plan ko? Di naman masama mg apply ng visa ng maaga dba po?


  9. Thanks a lot for all the info you provided! I didn’t need to get VFS to help out as I applied via IMMI (which is cheaper) and I just wanted to share that I have just been granted a one-year multiple-entry visa to Australia! The best part is that it was granted to me just one day after the date of my application (applied yesterday, visa granted today!) The KEY is to make sure that all requirements are complete (I even attached my employment contract which is something that is not usually mentioned in any blogs I’ve read). Anyway, goodluck to everyone and yes it is possible to get your visa in a day!



  10. Hi, I just want ask for advice I applied tourist visa po, what if po hindi pa ngrereply ung CO if grant or refuse tapos po ung intent to be in Au po eh hindi pa nmn po nalagpas sa date na inindicate ko pero what if po lumampas po may tendency po ba ng refused na un? Thanks po.


  11. Hi! Would like to thank you for blog. Your tips were definitely helpful in my tourist visa application.

    I’d just like to share that my husband and I just got our grant notice earlier today. We luckily got ours in 3 working days. Actually sharing my experience here as well through this link:

    Would love to help others the same way you helped me. 🙂


  12. hi , everybody how are you . my name is muhammad adil i from pakistan but now in turkey if somebody need turkey visit visa work visa invitation letter and more information about work in turkey so please contact with me +92-349-7690452 this my whatsaap contact 24 hours you can contact with me …
    thank you …


  13. hi! i just want to know if ung sinend po sakin na electronic visa eh un n ung iprepresent ko sa immigration sa airport po?someone asked me if ndi daw ba visa sa passport ang kelangan?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You need to print where your visa was granted, because the immigration here in pinas need to see it, so you need to have a copy with your visa, when you arrived in Oz they didn’t ask for my visa just my passport

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Hi! i’m a first time traveler and never been outside the Philippines. I have plans of going to Australia next year. How are my chances in getting a tourist visa?

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  15. Good evening :0 before lodging my application I tried reading some of your comments here and it was really helpful. Applying online is really comfortable and saves money. I applied on Monday and got my visa grant notification on Thursday after 2 days. For those who are wishing to get one just follow the instruction and have all your documents ready. Goodluck to everyone and see you in Australia.

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  16. Hi, has anyone of you applied for a tourist visa via online last May 27 2017? May i know if you have feedback or decision letter from the embassy already? It will be a big help for me if someone can answer my inquiry. Thank you guys so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hi Neil good pm. I just to ask, need na ba bumili ng plane ticket before Visa application or kahit hindi muna? Kasi what if ma-deny ang application tapos nakabili na ticket? Naisip ko kasi having a plane ticket can be an additional documents to submit for application.

    Thank you.


    1. hindi po kelangan ;). basta complete ang inyong documents and you can prove that you are going their for leisure purposes you have nothing to worry about.


  18. hello good morning po sir asked ko lng po how to get my result visa kasi po yong nag apply po ako ng tourist visa in australia yong email add po yong nilagay ko then now hinde ko ma open yong email ko bali nakalimotan ko po yong password how to get the confirmation

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  19. madali lng po makakuha ng visa kung meron invitation letter and bank statement yong nag apply at saka yong nag invite and complete documents nman po but no experience travel out of country and this is my first time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Pag po ba ang sponsor is not family related, Tinatanggap po ba nila? First time ko po mag apply sana. Wala din pong EXP to travel but I have non family related sponsor. I’m thinking kung gaano kalaki ang chance na ma approve ang apllication ko. Thanks.


  20. Hi im about to process my visa on my own (no agency) in paying the fee do i have to secure a managers check ? Panu pag card ang gagamitin, card that was left by my fiancee ?


  21. Hi! Did you got in two weeks, as in working days or calendar days? I’m beginning to worry now as everytime I checked my visa application online, it always says “assessment in progress” and it’s already been seventeen (17) calendar days now 😦


  22. Helo! Dun po sa application sa immi may significant date kung kelan dapat nasa Australia nilagay ko Oct.11 2017 then all my docs was submitted last week lng din Oct 4, possible p din kayasha na grant kahit tapos na ung event na pupuntahan ko?

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  23. Hi there, I just wanted to add since Australia is one of the ETA approved countries you can apply for that to make your application easier if you also came from the eligible countries. Obviously, anyone can apply directly on the government website or apply on third-party sites like this one just like what I did because I want my ETA to approve fast. But unfortunately, the Philippines is not on the list of the eligible country for an ETA.

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