Amsterdam Canal Cruise

The Netherlands

As you may have known over the past few days, I had the pleasure of visiting Europe in 2014 and this year as well.

I visited Seville and Madrid for about a week, then I had time for an overnight adventure anywhere in the continent.

From Madrid, I could have flown to any of the usual, more popular destinations such as Paris, Berlin or Rome.

Instead, I choose the very unassuming city of Amsterdam. Part of the reason for my decision was my desire to finally see the city’s many canals and the colorful houses that line up such waterways.

As soon as I landed in Amsterdam, I wasted no time and made quick inquiries on the various boat companies offering canal cruises in the city.

The nearest one from the Centraal station was the Lover’s Canal Cruises.

Since it was only a very short stay, I made the Lover’s Canal Cruise offered by Rederij. I had a companion when I made such inquiries.

Unfortunately, he had to leave very early in the morning, to head to The Hague, so I ended up taking the cruise alone.

I lined up at around 9:30am and I was immediately able to purchase a ticket for the 10am cruise.

Our boat was a super cool one. Made for lovers, it had open windows so the passengers can freely take photos of the surrounding buildings.

It also had tables for the benefit of couples and families who brought along food during the tour.

The Rederij tour had a recorded narration which disappointed me slightly. But afterwards, I realized it was better that way so all passengers, even those at the back can hear it through the loud sound system.

The narration was in dual language (Dutch and English), so I was able to understand it.

I didn’t miss any of the highlights of the tour including the residence of the mayor, the father and son houses, the elephant statue, and the red light district among others.

The cruise captain also showed us samples of Amsterdam’s many boat houses and explained the logic and history behind such trend.

The entire tour took abourt one hour and it was an hour well spent. The narration asked passengers for additional tip to the captain and I happily gave a few added euros.

The ticket for the Rederij tour costs 8.5 euros.

For such a small amount, it was definitely worth it and I was able to tick off one activity from my very long bucket list.


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