What To See and Do in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia


Right before I boarded my plane en route to Bali, Indonesia, I researched on cool things to do and try in this gorgeous island, just like any self-respecting travel blogger would do.

I did my research on my must-visit destinations such as Uluwatu, Legian and Ubud: what to eat, where to relax, and where to party.

But I am also the kind of person who likes spontaneity, someone who can easily break away from an arranged itinerary and explore on my own. So I left one district in Bali up for solo exploring. No guides, no maps. Seminyak.

As compared to everything else in Bali, Seminyak,which is located in the west coast of the island, is definitely the most posh and most expensive district.

You can see bars and restaurants everywhere, and there are lots of surfing shops. It is also the luxury-spa capital of Bali.

Before you say, duh, it’s Bali, consider this: there are lots of surfing shops in Bali, being a global destination for surfers. But in Seminyak, top brands litter every block. You have Billabong, Rip Curl, Hurley, Quiksilver, and Roxy among others.

Anyway, here are the things to should check out in Seminyak in my opinion

Seminyak Square

First, you should check out Seminyak Square. This place is your one top shop for everything you need. There are surf shops (duh), restaurants, cafes, sports bar, and flea market inside the compound.

Be warned though: compared to Kuta, everything here is pricier starting from the cafes to the items being sold at the flea market.

I tried to get bargains when I purchased necklaces to complete my surfer look, but the stall owners wouldn’t budge, hahaha. Nevertheless, this is a cool place to start your tour of Seminyak.

Pantai Petitenget

Then you can finally head out to the beach. Seminyak boasts of Pantai Pettitenget. This beach has a long expanse of light grey to dirty white sand. Compared to Kuta beach, this is a quieter beach and there are less vendors hanging around.

There are locals offering surfing lessons but not as many and not as pushy as those in Kuta.

And because this beach is just behind the posh hotels in Seminyak, there are cushioned chairs and beds on the beach so visitors can relax under the sun.

Ku de Ta and Potato Head

Seminyak is also quite popular for its bars and clubs. But none could be more prominent as Ku De Ta and Potato Head.

Ask tourists in Bali what bars/clubs in their must-list and chances are they include these two. That fact is a testament to the solid reputation of these two bars. In fact, the term “potato heading”is now an accepted verb in the island.

They are the favorite hang-out places for relaxed drinks and talks, especially during sunset. The location is quite perfect to witness the yellow sunset in Bali.

Prices could be expensive especially the dinner menu and the cocktails but trust me, it’s worth it.

A good piece of advice though. Book in advance because everyone wants to get in.


There is simply lots of dining options in Bali.

Whether you like low key with a barbecue, to authentic Nasi Lemak and Nasi Goreng, to the more upscale dining set-up, you can easily do it in Seminyak.

I was roaming around and saw pasta joints, cafe’s, and steak houses. Then I saw Mykonos, a Greek-inspired taverna restaurant in the middle of Seminyak.

The walls and decors all depict the gorgeous white and blue stucco houses in Santorini, if you miss what kind of food is served. But the menu is not limited to Greek. They serve kebabs, humus, and other Middle eastern favorites as well.

The prices are not that expensive per Seminyak and Bali standards so you can have a feast at lower the cost.

Luxury Spa

As I mentioned, Seminyak is also known as the luxury spa haven in all of Bali. Here, you can find specialty massage parlors that are most expensive compared to those in Legian and Kuta. If you compare it to those in Europe or the US however, they remain quite affordable.

Some of the more popular spas are Spa Venus Bali, Jari Menari, Lagoon Spa and Lluvia Spa.

Overall, Seminyak is a really cool district which you should visit whenever you’re in Bali. It is an experience all on it’s own. A word of caution though: Bali may be a favorite backpacker haunt but in Seminyak, everything is pricier so bring extra dough.


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