REVIEW: Villa Masbro in Bali, Indonesia

Asia, Indonesia

One important aspect of every travel is the place you stay in. Stay somewhere luxurious and comfortable makes your trip truly memorable.

Stay somewhere horrible and the trip is a nightmare and it is a something you don’t easily forget.

During my last trip in Bali, Indonesia, I was lucky to stay at a gorgeous villa located at the heart of the island.

Villa Masbro, a secluded private villa located along Jalan Mertenadi, in Seminyak is an ideal place to sit back and relax even in the middle of the tourist hotspot of Bali. It is 10 minutes away from the main beach of Kuta and is 5 minutes away from popular Seminyak Clubs such as Ku de Ta, Potato Head and also 5 minutes away from Legian (think Sky Garden).

It also close to the bars along Dyanapurna Putra. It is also 10 minutes away from the Denpasar airport.

The place has three big rooms each with its own restroom, ideal for circle of friends, or families. You can also rent a room if you are a solo traveler or a couple.

The villa is quite new so you can expect all furnishings to be new and well maintained.

The room rates go as much as $65 and you can rent the entire villa for $200. Trust me, that’s really a bargain for a safe, comfortable stay.

The villa is quite new so you can expect all furnishings to be new and well maintained. So the rent rate is really worth it.

A staff comes in the morning to clean up

Included in the rent are the use of the private pool, bar and kitchen, laundry area, dining area and living room equipped with a large TV screen. You can also use the villa’s fridge and espresso machine.

Centrally located, you won’t need to sweat while scouring Legian, Kuta and Poppies Lane for dirtcheap hostels that would surely fail to give you the comfort, private and satisfaction you need.

And for the reasonable rates, you are guaranteed that you’lll enjoy your stay without hurting you pockets.

I stayed in Villa Masbro this mid-June and I loved the blue room. The villa’s operator made me feel really welcome and comfortable. I definitely recommend the place.

Browse through the villa photos and see for yourself.

Note: All photos are courtesy of Villa Masbro Facebook page.


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