How To Travel From Seville to Cadiz in Spain

Europe, Spain

Cadiz, one of the eight provinces which comprise the autonomous region of Andalusia, is a glorious place to behold.

Bordered by the majestic Meditteranean, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Atlantic Ocean and the other great provinces of Huelva, Seville and Malaga in the southwentern Andalusia, this place is teeming with natural beauty and rich history, common in all of Spain.

But with its capital Cadiz City, being the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in Western Europe, it boasts of charms and secrets only few can match.

Roam around the city and you can check out the Cathedral and its golden dome in the Old City. Check out the Gran Teatro Falla and walk along La Caleta. Visit the castles of San Marcos, Santa Catalina and San Sebastian. Climb towards the top of Torre Tavira and catch a breathtaking vista of the entire city.

When it comes to Andalusia, it is the imperial capital of Seville and the nearby Granada which always garner the most attention and tourists. But Cadiz, also has a lot to offer.

From Seville, one can easily take a day trip to Cadiz and spend a great, memorable afternoon in the old city.

The most obvious option of course is to take the train. One can take a cab to the San Bernardo train station in Seville and catch a one hour and a half train to Cadiz and it will set you back 15 euros.

But for those who want to take the cheaper and more leisurely option, you can always take a bus.

I recommend taking a bus via Transportes Generales Comes.

From anywhere in Seville, simply take a cab, or you can take the Seville Metro towards the Prado de San Sebastian interurban bus station.

Aside from Transportes Comes, you can also take the Alsa and Socibus to Cadiz, but as I’ve told you, the former is the most convenient.

There are trips that leave Seville to Cadiz every two hours and the trip itself normally takes two hours as well. For Comes, it comes cost you 13.5 euro one way.

From Cadiz, teh buses to Seville also leave every two hours. But while there are lots of buses, it is always wise to reserve a ticket back to Seville, since more people and traveling to the city.

Cadiz, is simply a gorgeous place. If ever you have the chance to visit Andalusia, take a day trip to the city and you will definitely not regret it.


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