A Review of Vietnam Inn Saigon

Asia, Vietnam

Like most of my travels, I booked my flight to Ho Chi Minh, on a whim.

I’ve been very curious about Vietnam and it is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia I haven’t visited and  therefore, going there was imperative.

Like my trip, I never really planned for any hotel or a place to stay. I tried making couch requests but unfortunately, couch surfing in Vietnam is not very big and I got mostly no’s and a handful of maybe’s. Nothing materialized.

So I landed at the airport hoping to just wing it, and find a decent hotel or hostel in District 1, the main backpacker’s area in all of Saigon.

I first heard of Vietnam Inn Saigon from a pair of Filipina girls whom I shared a taxi ride with from the airport. The hotel offers dormitory style rooms, at a mind boggling $6 USD per bunk bed.

It was almost 1am in the morning and I had no choice so I went with the plan.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the hotel is located at Le Lai street, right at the heart of District 1. It is just across the Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien streets.

The street is not too crowded and safe.

I took an 8-bed mixed dorm and paid the 12 USD for two days and I was very glad with the decision.

The hostel is kept very clean and sanitary. The bedsheets and pillow sheets are replaced everyday and the communal showers and comfort rooms on every floored are cleaned everyday.

Each room has two airconditioners so it is quite cool. The doors are opened using key cards and each guest is given his own key card.

Vietnam Inn Saigon also offers free wifi to guests and it has four free internet stations on the first floor, along with lazy boys, darts and billiards table.

There is a rooftop restaurant and they provide room deliveries.

It has a 24-hour reception desk and security. The front desk also offers locker services for your valuables while lockers are also provided in each room.

The hotel also offers tours for visitors so you won’t have to go far to pursue the trip itinerary you want.

Over all, Vietnam Inn Saigon is a pleasant hotel that has all the basics for backpackers like me.

I will definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to visit Saigon anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “A Review of Vietnam Inn Saigon

  1. Seems a really nice place. I didn’t backpack in a hostel in Saigon, but I was in an awesome hostel in Hanoi (Hanoi Backpackers’ Hostel – The Original). Vietnam does have some good value hostels these days!

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    1. yes it is. vietnam is a great place for backpackers of the affordable food, beer and accommodation. its a great stop when you are touring southeast asia. the hostels are clean, no fuzz and very affordable.


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