Gangnam: A Favorite Party Central in Seoul

Asia, South Korea

Seoul is a mega city that never sleeps.

And in a city this massive, the possiblities for adventure, dining, sightseeing are just endless.

But for people who are out to have some wild fun and fantastic parties, most people will lead you to just one place.

You will never have a complete experience of Seoul unless you visit Gangnam.

2011-11-14 15.50.21

Even before I visited South Korea, I have always wanted to visit Gangnam, a disctrict located at the southern portion of Seoul, thanks to my exposure to the South Korean culture. Korean dramas, movies mention the district all the name as place where the locals go out to party.

The fancy boys of Boys over Flowers mentioned Gangnam in several instances.

2011-11-14 17.12.08 (1)

There are of course several areas to go to like Hongdae, near Hongik University, where the alternative crowd hang out but the immense land area of Gangnam and the virtually countless choices for shopping, dining and partying make it the indisputable number one.

Take the subway line number 2, get off at Gangnam area  and take the exit number 10 and you will be greeted by a New York-like district, where, during daytime, everyone seems to be hurrying to and from various destinations.

Come nightfall, the city just vibrates with energy and comes alive.

2011-11-14 15.51.04

The entire stretch of Gangnam is lined up with tall buildings with shops of popular brands at the ground floor. There’s your Zara, Massimo Dutti, Giordano, among others.

Every block, you can find interesting restaurants, bars to visit, not to mention the staple chains of coffee stores Starbucks, Caffe Bene and Angels in Us.

Gangnam appeals to a wide range of patrons ranging from the your usual teens, (it’s just a subway station away from the Seoul National University of Education), to yuppies looking to unwind, to the large number of expats and tourists looking for fantastic time.

Take note, there are restaurants serving foreign cuisines in Gangnam so most tourists find comfort here. There are Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Thai and Japanese restaurants as well as Irish pubs.

I met up with my couchsurfing friend Austin and he took me to a small, hidden bar which plays 90’s rock and roll music and serves American draft beer. It was a blast.

We visited another bar later in the night and my stay in Seoul was officially awesome.

So if you’re looking for a great party place in Seoul, be sure to drop by the Gangnam district and you will surely love it.



4 thoughts on “Gangnam: A Favorite Party Central in Seoul

  1. I loved Gangnam too, but I did prefer Hongdae. There is something very hip about Hongdae and I liked the people there (mainly students). Gangnam I found to be very expensive and had a lot of rich businessmen and businesswomen in designer suits. 😀

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    1. There is something for everyone In Seoul. The younger crowd likes Hongdae but for the those who want to enjoy a bit of comfort and laidback luxury and posh, they head out to Gangnam.


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