VIDEO: The Hong Kong Symphony of Lights

Asia, Hong Kong, Video

The bright lights of Hong Kong piqued my curiosity when I was much, much younger.

The dancing neon lights were so pretty, that I just sat in front of my TV set and /or PC, wondering how cool it must be to see them up close.

It must have been fate at work that brought me to the shores of Hong Kong for my very first international destination. I fell in love with its busy streets, not too mention the sights and sounds of its amusement parks, and other landmarks.

Over the past decade, I have been to Hong Kong for about six times already but there is always something new to see, and it continues to amaze.

This year, it was also my first time seeing the famed Symphony of Lights at the Hong Kong harbour. It was so cool that I just had to capture the moment, never mind the fact that I had to push and shove others just to do it.


When I


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