A Visit to Everland in Seoul, South Korea

Asia, South Korea

Without any exaggeration, I can safely say that one will not run out of things to do and see in Seoul.

No matter, what season, this city offers a host of tourist spots and activities for every one.
I zigzagged the entire city by subway for five whole days and those days were still not enough for me to see half of the city.
The only consolation I can get is that I was able to see one of the highlights in Seoul Korea. For the young adventurers and the young at heart, you should definitely visit Everland.
Located in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea, Everland is about an hour and a half away from Seoul, but don’t worry. I can guarantee that a trip to Everland is definitely worth it.
Everland, owned by the Samsung group, is the largest theme park in Korea, bigger than its rival Lotte World. Reports said, it has an annual visitor count of 6.6 million tourists, one of the biggest attendance among theme parks in the world.
Admittedly, there are no mascots as recognizable as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and the Disney princesses are nowhere to be seen (of course) but that doesn’t lessen the fun.
 The rides and attractions are tailored fit for the Asian culture.
 The highlight is definitely the T-Express. This is the scariest roller coaster ride ever. The first and highest drop was so steep, I thought my head was gonna snap, hahaha. I was so scared during the entire three minutes experience.
A quick chat with the other riders will tell you how crazy the experience was.
Another major stop is the Safari adventure where you will see the Asian white tigers, hyenas, bears and even vultures.
For fans of the K-pop music, you should definitely visit the K-Pop Hologram museum where you will have the chance to get closer to your K-pop ideols like Big Bang and Super Junior.
Other highlights include the Double Rock Spon, Hurricane, the Ferris Wheel, and the Lost Valley.
During the entire afternoon, I felt like a child as I try the rides at Everland.
Whenever I got tired, I would stop at restaurants (there are lots of them to choose from) and enjoy a great afternoon meal.
  Everland is also one of the cleanest most organized theme parks I have been to. And everywhere you go, there are numerous rest rooms, necessary for children.
Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just a laidback person who love afternoon walks, Everland is perfect for you.
Here are some of the things to will see in Everland:

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