Food Heaven at Cafe TOO in Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

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When one travels to Hong Kong, it is literally imperative that he/she partakes in the island’s gastronomic feasts. After all, Hong Kong, and its motherland China, are known the world over, to be havens for good food.

Expectations are even higher with Hong Kong since this small, but very cosmopolitan city, has become a melting pot of various cultures, races, and food specialties.

Café TOO Lobby and Entrance

Café TOO Lobby and Entrance

Nowadays, buffets are all the rage in Hong Kong, as the modern food connoisseurs demand quantity and quality in exchange for their hard-earned though and when it comes to buffets, there is absolutely nothing better than the time-tested leader in serving fancy buffets than Café TOO.

Located at the mezzanine flood of the Island Shangri-La in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong, Café TOO has repeatedly been named as one of the best, if not the best buffet restaurants in all of Hong Kong. Both the Time magazine and the South China Morning Post recommend this place. And for a good reason.


Long before the residents of Hong Kong clamored for buffets, Café TOO has been serving banquets to the more affluent locals and visitors.

And compared to other buffets, Café TOO is popular not only because of the superb taste of the food, but because of the unique food theatres they pioneered.

Café TOO is known all throughout Hong Kong and beyond. So much so, that for my birthday last July, I especially planned and booked ahead of time to ensure that I get a table.


I made an online reservation and the restaurant was quite professional in updating the status of my booking. They even notified me about the surge in reservations on the date of my visit and advised me to come in early to avoid the queues and the crowds.

True enough, Café TOO was jampacked when I arrived at 8:30pm. I booked for 7:30pm and because of my late arrival, the seat I was given was located at the bar and they expressed sincere apologies for this. They made it up to me, by giving me a table as soon as one became available.

To be honest, I didn’t mind because it was my fault and the atmosphere that night, was just electric. I was also elated that the crowd that time was made up of high-end, and high-fashion locals and visitors so I felt really special.

The food, like I expected was superb.


I especially liked the fresh seafood and the sensational dim sum (theirs was so much tastier and meatier than the average HK restaurants) staying true to the Shangri-La standard of goodness.


The lobster and the oyster were fresh and cold as they should be.

The siu mai and dumplings were served hot off the steamer and the flavor was just too awesome.

Café TOO’s noodle and pasta section also satisfied me. It was my birthday so I didn’t want to eat so much, but I had three helpings of ramen, because it was so, so good.


The curry and pork dishes were also good. The foie gras is popular so there was a long queue and I wasn’t able to get and taste it.

Because I was in Hong Kong, I had to try some roast duck and golden chicken and I was pleasantly satisfied with their servings. The suckling pig was also good.


You can enjoy some wine to go with the buffet dinner but I passed so I would stay sober and enjoy the buffet to the full extent.

After going through 6-7 plates of good food, I tried their dessert section and this, I found out later, was really the star in Café TOO’s menu. The cakes were awesome, especially the strawberry cheesecake. I had to give in and fill my tummy with several slices.


All throughout the buffet dinner, you will get a good view of the Hong Kong park located just a few steps away from the Shangri-La. In fact, my date and I had to walk around the park later in the night to burn some of the excess calories.

Prices at Café TOO are steep, I must tell you. My date and I had to pay more than 1,600 HKD for a Friday dinner buffet inclusive of the service charge. And in Hong Kong rates, it was quite a lot. I think it’s really worth it though.


I looked around the entire restaurant and I noticed that Hong Kong residents are especially lean and slim. After several visits to Café TOO, I don’t think they would stay the same. I am positive that they would gain some pounds thanks to the undeniable goodness of the food served at Café TOO. It was a birthday dinner, I will surely remember for a long time.

Note: Featured Image is courtesy of Island Shangri-La


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