Visit Arena Island and help save the Turtles in Palawan

The Philippines

Blessed with breathtaking scenes and gorgeous natural wonders, the province of Palawan in Western Philippines has been a major tourist destination, rivaling the popularity and crowds of world-class Boracay island.

Major attractions in Palawan including the Puerto Princesa subterranean river and the beaches in Coron are just must-see sites that they attract travelers all year round, putting the province on the global travel map.

But unknown to many travelers, foreign and locals alike, there is a hidden gem of an island deep in the town of Narra, Palawan, which is also putting the province in a global eco-tourism and sustainable development map.

Isla Arena, a 3.6 hectare island located in the South Central Sulu sea, has, for years, been a pioneering destination for the preservation of endangered turtles.

Surrounded by hectares of coral gardens and sea grass meadows, Isa Arena is an identified sanctuary for green turtles or pawikans but is home to about five of the seven known turtle species. But, the island is inhabited mainly by green turtles, leatherbacks and hawksbill turtles.

During the nesting season, about 200 turtle eggs are laid in the island’s beach and they have an incubation of 45-50 days. The island retains hatchlings in float cages and releases them after a month when they are bigger. This practice ensures a better survival rate for the turtles.

 Louie Morales, Arena Island Marketing Director said “Let us grow the numbers of people who will care for the pawikans”.

For his part, Arena Island Owner and Director Fuji Rodriguez stressed that “there is no better place to know more about these lovely creatures that are currently considered as endangered species than on Arena Island”


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