MNL Beach Hostel Boracay: The Best Hostel in Boracay

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I am a backpacker and I love being one. I have traveled all over Asia chasing that natural high you get from meeting cool, amazing people and experiencing other cultures.

I have long wished for the Philippines to be a backpacker haven so more and more people from all over the planet will get to know and realize how special and captivating our country really is.

Unfortunately, however, the high cost of travel in the Philippines, no thanks to exorbitant hotel rates, continue to discourage more backpackers from taking the next flight towards the country. This is very real concern as hotels account for 30-40 percent of a traveler’s total expense.IMG_2692

Thankfully, more and more rising Filipino entrepreneurs are taking the challenge of addressing this issue. Their answer to pricey starred hotels? Comfy, welcoming hotels for the young and adventurous.

In Boracay, no doubt the most visited tourist spot in the Philippines, a new hostel is fast becoming the toast of the town. It’s homey, the staff is uber nice, the customers are awesome and the rates are unbelievably low. Thank God for MNL Beach Hostel Boracay!!!!!

After spending three nights at pricier hotels, moving to MNL Beach Hostel in Boracay was just a relief.

It’s colorful walls are just too pleasing to the eyes and the warm reception given by the staff immediately made me feel at home. Right then, I knew that I made the right decision.

MNL Beach Hostel Boracay is still in its soft opening, so there are still some rough edges and there are repairs ongoing. But as it is, it’s already one of the best hostels I’ve been to and I mean it. Note that I have been to several hostels in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines, so I’d like to think that I know what I am talking about.

The Interiors

The lobby/entertainment room is super cozy and there are seats/benches for visitors/customers to use. There are also bean bags for anyone who wants to just lounge around.  There is a large TV and a karaoke too if anyone wants to sing too.

I took the 8-bed mixed dorm type room and I was thankful that it wasn’t full at the time of my visit, although i wouldn’t mind sleeping in a jam-packed dorm room (the more, the merrier).

It’s an apartment style dorm room where the beds are placed on different levels and you can get to you bed by short stairs. Each bed has a personalized locker which you can secure. Each partition also has electric outlets you can use to charge your phone and laptops.

MNL Beach Hostel also has private rooms with double and twin beds as since I am a single traveler, I wasn’t able to check them out.

The beds have 8.5 inch mattresses and they are super comfortable. I slept like a baby during my stay.

The bathrooms are communal as you can expect from any hostel and they are very well maintained.


Just like most hostels, MNL Beach Hostel Boracay also provides free continental breakfast. Check out the photo below. In the pantry, there also leftover wines and spirits you can enjoy if the owners have donated them to the hostel.

With the amount you pay, you can get your own lock for your personal lockers. Since they’re still on theirsoft opening, I was only charged P550.Their private rooms cost P2,000.

You also get to borrow a beach and bath towel.


I also love the fact that MNL Beach Hostel is located right at the heart of Boracay. It is located near the Bulabog beach front and can be easily reached by foot from D Mall.

And because of its location, you can easily get to the hippest bars and restaurants in Boracay such as Summer Place, Wave and Exit Bar.

The Crowd

Above all, what I really really love in MNL is the adventurous and happy go lucky nature of the people staying at MNL. Gone are the snooty rich people you mingle with at pricey hotels. Most of the people here are ready to have amazing moments’.

There are customers who are not necessarily backpackers but are adventurous enough to join the various activities/promotion being spearheaded by the hotel. Before i left, they had an unlimited, cliff diving, paddling and kayaking at Ariel’s Point. Two night before that, they had a beach part at Puka beach.

I have been to Boracay several times, but I must say that my most recent visit was one of the more memorable times, thanks to the new friends and great experience I had at MNL Hostel. You should check it out.

To reach MNL Beach Hostel Boracay you may contact the following numbers  +63998 220 5700, +63917 702 2160 or email:


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