Weekend Food Trip at Yakimix, Robinson’s Ermita

The Philippines, Weekend Food Trips

You know me. I won’t back out of a good meal, regardless of the price.

I have braved the priciest hotel restaurant buffets in the metro, so I guess I can convince you that I am not a cheapskate, hahaha.

But I am also after value for money.

When my family asked me to try Yakimix at Robinson’s Ermita, I was really hesitant. In my opinion, it has lots of similarities to Tong Yang, which I love, and which is much cheaper, so I was really having  second thoughts.

Why should I pay more if I can get something similar at a cheaper cost?

My family bugged me for two weeks, noting that Yakimix is always full of people whenever they pass by. A tell tale sign that it’s worth my money.


I finally relented and decided to bring my family to Yakimix, and boy, I was really glad I did.

Contrary to my earlier assumptions, Yakimix is totally different than Tong Yang. While both restaurants offer smokeless grills, Yakimix’s food offerings is mostly Japanese (duh), with lots of seafood choices.

The main strength of Tong Yang is it’s shabu shabu and the wide selection of meat products, but this is easily trumped by Yakimix but offering the same amount of meat products with the addition of better-tasting Japanese selections.

I wrote in my previous blog that the Japanese section is the main weakness of Tong Yang. But at yakimix, you won’t have to worry about that.

The tempura is awesome and the supplies of sushi (salmon, tuna among others) is endless. The serving plates are always re-filled so you won’t have to wait.

Japanese ramen is also available and you can mix your own toppings.

Their grill section is also impressive. They have tuna, tanguige, bangus, and other fish selections for grilling. They also have sausages, bacon, and chicken satay.

Surprisingly, Yakimix also served lechon macau which I totally love. They also serve pork sisig.

The dessert section offers halo-halo, ice cream and several cakes such as chocolate cakes, tiramisu and Japanese buchi.

Looking around, you can see that the customers are really enjoying their meals. In fact, I saw several Japanese tourists dining in groups and they seem to be having a great time. If actual Japanese folks are enjoying Yakimix, then definitely, I don’t have any excuse not to do so hahaha.

What I don’t like about Yakimix is their package does not include beverages and you have to order it separately.

We dined on a weekend, so the price of the eat all you can is P660 and another P75 for bottomless drinks. But if you dine from Monday to Friday, the rate for eat and drink all you can is P520 and the dinner rate is P620.

All in all, I had a really great experience and I was finally able to realize what the fuss is all about.

And much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed Yakimix a lot better than Tong Yang. That’s saying something since I’ve been an avid customer of the former for several years now.

Edit: Since we first tried Yakimix, we came back two more times.


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