A Buffet Dinner At Spiral, Sofitel Philippine Plaza

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Being a food lover, it’s no surprise that I have dined at the famed Spiral restaurant at the Hotel Sofitel.

With lots of food selections, it’s just too hard to pass up, even though it’s one of the priciest buffets in town.

My heart sank when I heard that Sofitel has to close because of the damages it sustained during one of the stronger typhoons that ravaged the Philippines several years ago.

When it finally opened, Spiral has become bigger, better and classier.


The new Spiral is just so awesome and the selections were better than ever.

I lost track but apparently, there are 21 ateliers to choose from  There were the requisite Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indian food sections but there were also a wide variety of seafood, meats, desserts, salads and in-betweens.

I particularly loved their oysters, imported all the way from France. they were absolutely fresh and they seemed to melt in my mouth.

The teppanyaki section was also a favorite.

Spiral also has a special room for their cheese, it was like being on cheese heaven.

I went crazy over the seafood and the Japanese section. To fully enjoy the experience, I had portions of almost everything and I think I had about 7 or 8 full plates.

As I’ve said, the seafood and Japanese section were instant choices, and I had lambs, some dimsum, some peking ducks, a lots of prawns and pork roast and some Thai food.

I totally skipped the Indian section.

We absolutely loved it. The only complaint I had is that some of the food weren’t heated at all times, and were therefore cold when served.

I went absolutely crazy about their gummy candy collection located just in front of the fondues. I filled my plate with a collection of gummy bears and yellow gummy candies.

The weekend dinner buffet costs almost P2,500 but it’s definitely worth it.

My verdict? Spiral is officially the best buffet in town and it will take a lot of improvement from its competitors to even have a hope of getting that title.


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