Awesome Food Trip at Buffet 101, SM Mall of Asia Complex

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As a self-confessed foodie, I make it a point to to check out the latest restaurants and clubs in the Metro whenever I can and for quite a while now, I’ve been hearing Buffet 101.

It’s been getting rave reviews and I was kinda suspicious because I know that some reviews can be biased and well, paid.

So to have a first-hand experience of Buffet 101, I decided to throw caution to the wind and trekked all the way to SM By the Bay near Mall of Asia over the weekend.

Well, the first thing that came out of my mouth is “wow”. Buffet 101’s interiors are first class and the ambiance is perfect for an all out food attack. Of course I have been to numerous . I agree with some of the other reviews that the place is more like a hotel buffet than your average restaurant.

Of course, hotel buffets are expensive and somehow, you expect nothing less but for it’s price scale, I was pleasantly surprised.

The food options were quite varied and if I will be honest with myself, I think it is at par with some of the hotel buffet restaurants I’ve tried. Notably, I think it is at par with Circles in Makati Shangri-La, Market Cafe at Hyatt Hotel and Casino, Paseo Uno in Mandarin and Mariott Cafe. But it is a step lower than Spiral in Sofitel and Cafe Ilang-Ilang at Manila Hotel.

They have several food options such as seafood (you can ask to grill them and have it served on your table), Chinese, Japanese, grilled and roasted meats, Filipino. They also have a wide array of desserts. You can also have crepes and unlimited shakes, wine and juices. If you are a beer drinker, you’ll love it too because there’s an unlimited draft beer.

I really enjoyed their Japanese section because of their ramen and the fresh sweet salmon. My nephew, meanwhile decimated several plates of Chinese dimsum while my Mom enjoyed the steaks.

For two hours, we tried most of the dishes and had to rest every once in a while.

What I like with Buffet 101 is that, they immediately refill the plates as soon as it is emptied so there won’t be any lines. The place is huge and the favorites are scattered so there is no build up in one particular place. But of well, the grills and the japanese section are really quite popular.

The place is also mindful of the dermographics of its patrons. As I’ve said, there’s a nice selection of wines, beer and meats for the dads, salads and vegetables for the moms and the vegetarians and there’s lots of sweets, even gummy bears for the kids. Everyone gets to enjoy the place.

I went on a weekend and I was glad that I was still able to go without prior reservation because soon afterwards, the placed was totally jampacked. A clear testament to how popular it is and how much people loved it.

The place is a bit pricey on a weekend but if you don’t have enough money to spare,  I suggest you visit on a weekend and the price will be really worth it


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