What To See At The Korean Folk Village in Seoul

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If you are planning a trip to Seoul, you may want to check out one of the most popular destinations in the city: the Korean Folk Village.

During a recent trip to Seoul for our company’s summer outing, we checked out the place and I found it quite informative, interesting and endearing.

Located in the city of Yongin in the province of Gyeonggi, the Korean Folk Village is a living museum of what traditional Korean villages, houses looked like.

The houses were mostly bungalow style made out of straws and wood. The houses had low ceiling and there were no beds, as common in Korean culture up to this era.

It wouldn’t be a stretch if I say that the place really looks like old Korea.

Therefore, it isn’t a surprise to know that most Korean dramas with the Joseon era theme filmed here. As a matter of fact, you can see life-size posters/murals of the dramas that filed here.

Among the most notable ones are Jewel in the Palace, Hwang Ji-ni, and Rooftop Prince.

Outside of the main gate, there are souvenir stalls selling mementos and restaurants among others.

The entire complex is filled with traditional Korean dwellings. There are installations that mimic shops that sell traditional metal and wooden handicrafts.

There is also the judgment hall where traditional hearings were performed.

Those who were proven guilty of crimes were given penalties that range from whipping to death.

At one area of the vilage, there is a mini ampitheatre where horse exhibitions and cultural performances are held.

I was particularly moved by the dungeon/prison. I have watched so many dramas and I have had a vivid memory of the prison death scenes.

Any trip to Seoul would not be complete without a visit to the Korean Folk Village. It is a must-see place. It is also quite close to Everland so you can hit two birds in one stone.



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