A Review of Park Inn Radisson Davao

davao, Hotels, The Philippines

Let’s be honest. No matter how grand the amenities are, now matter how posh and comfortable your hotel is. There is always this nagging feeling that you’re somewhere unfamiliar.

You can’t put a finger on it, but it’s just the feeling of being somewhere you don’t necessarily belong.

In Filipino colloquial terms, we call it ‘namamahay” derived from the root word ‘bahay’ or house/home.new.

I always get this feeling when I stay somewhere away from my own condo unit. Although I usually get this feeling after a day or two. I still don’t like to feel it in the first place.

After some observation, I realized that part of this feeling emanates from the fact that most hotels where we stay have the same dull, generic colors, mostly pale yellow, white, or cream.

These colors give the hotel a feeling of unfamiliarity and it’s a glaring reminder that this is not your home, and you are just passing through.

Absent are the colors we use to make our personal space more personal and intimate. Case in point, my room wall is covered by pictures showing a barrange of colors. It gives me that warm feeling and it evokes happy emotions.

This awareness on the importance of color and the emotions it gives you must have been a top consideration in building the all new Park Inn Radisson in Lanang, Davao City.

Park Inn Radisson Davao is the latest project of SM Hotels and Conventions Corp., next to Radisson Blu in Cebu, Pico Sands Hotel in Hamilo Coast Batangas, and Taal Vista in Tagaytay among others. It is in partnership with Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the largest hotel chains in the world.

This 204-bedroom structure is basically a businessman’s hotel but it threw convention and stereotype to the wind by providing a burst of colors everywhere, resulting in a hotel that mimics  just your own personal space: that space where you can just relax and enjoy. A space where you can be you.

This is quite apparent as soon as you arrive. Park Inn Radisson Davao’s main lobby is the most colorful lobby I have ever seen and that’s saying something given the number of hotels/hostels I’ve seen here and abroad.

It screams you are welcome and you will instantly feel it

Once you get over the hues, you will notice the bits and pieces of furniture that makes the lobby quite warm and relaxing.

Because this is a mid-scale business hotel geared towards visiting business and leisure guests, who are always out touring the gorgeous sights and spots of Davao City, the rooms are not as big, but each one is equipped with the basic services you will ever need.

There’s also a gym and a pool, which is actually not present in most business hotels.

Security is tight and you can only use the elevators through your electronic card key.

For dining, the rbg grill is located the left side of the main lobby. This also serves as the breakfast area of the hotel.

Park Inn Radisson Davao is located in Lanang, just in front of the newly constructed SM Lanang and SMX Davao so the location is quite convenient for those attending MICE events.

There’s even a walkway from the second floor of the hotel to the mall.

It is also close to various attractions such as the Crocodile farm and the outdoor events center.

I was really happy with my stay at Park Inn Radisscon because it provided the basic luxury and amenities I needed during my three-day visit. And quite honestly, I never really had to get over that feeling of discomfort at another hotel because of the warm, friendly and familiar ambience the hotel gives.

Add to that the very accommodating staff and my stay was simply memorable.

When I visit Davao City, again, Park Inn Radisson will definitely be my hotel of choice.


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