Weekend Food Trip at Tong Yang Grill and Shabu-Shabu

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I’ve been a fan of Tong Yang Hot Pot and Shabu-Shabu for years.

Whenever I want to forget my diet and enjoy a sumptuous meal (lunch or dinner buffet), I would always go to Tong Yang because for me, it is the best value for money shabu-shabu and grill.

If the craving comes right after work hours, I would brave the log jammed roads of Makati and troop all the way to the resto’s Makati branch in Jupiter street. There’s also one in SM Megamall.

But my family and I’s personal favorite is the one located at the 3rd flood of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Ermita because it’s just a few blocks away from our family house in Nakpil.

Unfortunately, that one closed and so, we had to find another haunt to satisfy our gastronomical desires. I’ve been wondering though why it had to close since it’s been always packed with patrons.

It turned out that Tong Yang just relocated its Manila branch from Pan Pacific Hotel to the ground floor of the Robinson’s Ermita Midtown. It makes perfect sense, as the resto became much accessible in a mall setting.

As I’ve said, dining in Tong Yang has been a past time so it never occurred to me to blog about it.

But its relocation to a much better site prompted me to bring my entire family to Tong Yang just recently. And this time, I just had to share our experience

Though it was a bit heavy on my wallet (there were six of us), I truly enjoyed dining in Tong Yang because of its vast dish choices, particularly its seafood section and its shabu-shabu offering.

Tong Yang offered several fish choices for those who are into the pescatarian diet. They have salmon belly, milkfish belly, snapper, maya-maya, tanigue, and tuna among others. They also have mussels, scallops and oysters.

The meats section is also quite substantial. They offer chicken, and pork, along with beef and lamb slices (beef and lamb are not included in the eat all you can package).

For the shabu-shabu, they have a wide array of balls to choose from (squid, chicken, fish, among others.)

Tong Yang also has a dessert and noodle section.

Though the selection is not that great, it also has a Japanese section offering mostly california maki and some sushi.

The Chinese section is also not a highly, offering a few dim sum, yang chow, same fried noodles and chicken dishes.

Beverages (juices, cola and beer) are also inclusive of the eat and drink all you can package.

Tong Yang is really a great value for money dining option.


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