REVIEW: Copenhagen Backpacker’s Hostel: Simply Awesome

Denmark, Europe

Scandinavia is one of the most breathtaking regions on the planet. The frozen fjords, rolling green hills and modern neighborhoods, make it quite a visually appealing destination.

The thing is, Scandinavia is so expensive and I mean crazy expensive, that you have to have more than enough dough to sustain your trips around the region. Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark is no exception.

Copenhagen is an expensive city.  Food, beer, cabs, everything here is more costlier than those sold elsewhere in Europe.



Accommodation is an even more costly issues since most hotels are 20-30 percent more expensive in Scandinavia than the rest of Europe.

So during my trip to Denmark, I decided to go stay in a hostel to save on my travel money.

I found Copenhagen Backpacker’s Hostel.

I didn’t know what to expect since the it was the first time I was staying in a Scandinavian hostel.


But I really, really loved the place.

It is a simple, small but cozy and warm hostel located right at the heart of Copenhagen. It is located at Reventlowsgade, a few minutes walk from the Central Train Station. It is also located 5 minutes away from the Tivoli Gardens. From the hostel, you can walk towards the many travel sights Copenhagen has to offer such as Nyhavn, the Amaliensborg Castle, the Rosenborg’s Castle and Christiania.

The showers are clean and the beds clean and comfortable. Each bed has a curtain to maintain privacy even in such a cramped space. Each bed also has a personal electrical socket to use.

The common room is cool and has a great ambiance and the staff is very accommodating. They will help you go around the city. The price is reasonable and they have a good breakfast buffet for 55 krona.The wifi is fast too.


Lights out at 10:30 but there is no curfew!!!! They will give you your own electronic chip you will have 24H access in or out of the hostel.

Like most hostels in Copenhagen, they also rent out a bike which is the main mode of transportation in the city. You can rent it at 80 Danish krona on the first day, and 60 kronas the succeeding days.

Because it is so small, there is no kitchen when you can cook, but they have a professional kitchen.

Copenhagen Backpackers is small but it has everything you need to make your stay in the city comfortable and relaxed as possible.


Copenhagen Central Railway

Copenhagen Backpackers Hostel

Reventlowsgade 10A, 1651 København, Denmark
+45 30 14 40 14


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