A True Taste of Italy At Casa Italia

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For most people, food is no longer something we consume to survive. A great meal has the capability to bring back good memories, and take you to places using your taste buds and your imagination.

For four days in early this year, I had the privilege to travel to Rome and savor some of the best awesome Italian dishes the city has to offer. Throughout my trip, I consumed countless slices of pizza, several doughnuts near the Colosseum, and pasta from restaurants near the Trevi Fountain and Plaza Spagna. I enjoyed some of the best gelato and risotto too near Vittorio Emmanuelle.

I was so spoiled with great Italian food that I missed it so much when I came back to Manila.

It’s a good thing that I came to know about Casa Italia, an awesome new restaurant located at Forbestown Road, Burgos Park at the Bonifacio Global City.

Casa Italia serves authentic Italian cuisine in a fast, casual dining setting, transporting food lovers straight to Italy.


It is the real Italian food that I love given a modern-day twist.

Some of the highlights include its micro-roasted Coffee Otto, handcrafted premium gelato, freshly made favorites—including salads, and oven-baked pizzas and paninis—Italian beers, and wine.

Casa Italia

Cappuccino Otto

Casa Italia offers its signature coffee blend called Otto, or eight in Italian. This is because the restaurant uses 100% Arabica beans that are never more than eight weeks old from roasting, guaranteeing full-bodied freshness in every cup.  This creates the perfect Casa Italia blend that is used for its hot coffee and cold brew offerings, including cappuccino, latte, espresso, and the seductive affogato, vanilla gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso.

If you love gelato, Casa Italia is for you.

According to owner Jay Tan, Casa Italia has as much as 40-50 flavors of gelato, 32 flavors of which are displayed and served at the counter everyday.

Flavors range from Dark Truffle, Pistachio, classic Vanilla, and even Durian, as well as tangy fruit sorbets, and other variants that are infused with liquor (they call it liquor-ato)  These are made using top-quality natural ingredients imported mostly from Italy—such as the best pistachios from Sicily and high quality Swiss milk chocolate, without any additional artificial flavors, chemicals, and preservatives.


If you are out for dinner or lunch, Casa Italia also serves filling cuisines that will remind you of Italy. These include its must-try Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Pizza Suprema.

Casa Italia

Roast Chicken with Potatoes


You can also try Casa Italia’s other favorites Prawn Pasta and Beef Lasagna.

Prawn Pasta

Prawn Pasta


Italian Chef Donato Mazzalo, Casa Italia’s F&B Director is the one who ensures that all food served at the Italian restaurant is filled with all the Italian love and goodness.

Casa Italia

Pizza Suprema


The Forbestown Road is Casa Italia’s first store in the Philippines and with the positive feedback from the market, it is no surprise that it is planning to open another brand in Quezon City very soon.

Casa Italia is a franchise that opened in 1962 in Singapore. There, it has about 30 stores, thanks to great demand.

And with it premise of serving authentic Italian food that transports customers to mother Italy, I am sure that it will certainly be a hit.

Visit Casa Italia at Shop 5, Forbestown Rd. Burgos Park at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Or Join the conversation online by using the hashtags #ILoveCasaItaliaPH, #BestGelatoEver, and #FreshestCoffee, and following @CasaItaliaPH on Facebook and Instagram.



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