A Winter Odyssey in Europe

Europe, Finland, Travel Anecdotes and Then Some


As someone who’s lived in the Far East and the heat that comes with it,  all his life, I have kept a fervent and an undying wish deep in my heart: even for a moment, just once, I want to see the outside world in all its wintry glory.

I have kept that wish for so long, that I almost gave up on it. Luckily, the universe has other plans and it did give me the chance to travel outside of Asia, when I turned 30.

And when it happened, it came in the summer in the Middle East. Then, I had the chance to travel to Europe on two occasions: one in summer and one in spring with minimal snow sticking in the ground.

It was then that I realized that I had to some fate and the universe much-needed push.

After making plans, and some belt-tightening, I was able to save up and in a few day’s time, will finally fulfill my wish of traveling to Europe in the winter: my most favorite season of all. This means you will be seeing Christmas and New Year’s photos from me, walking around and playing in the snow.

Some people hate the winter because of the frigid weather, but I just love it. I love how nature envelopes everything and everyone in falling snow. It makes everything romantic.

Winter is especially magical during the Christmas season.

Just to be sure that I will be seeing some heavy snow, I will travel to the far north covering Oslo and Bergen in Norway, Stockholm and Uppsala in Sweden and Helsinki, Finland and to Tallinn, Estonia.

I will also revisit Amsterdam and Copenhagen, two of my favorite cities in the region. I will also visit the Swiss Alps and the Dolomites.

To make this trip even more memorable, I have decided to explore new cities such as Brussels, Bruges in Belgium, St. Moritz, Milan, Venice, Verona and Barcelona.

So watch out for my new posts in the coming days!!!!


Note: Featured Image is from http://www.visitoslo.com. The embedded video is from http://www.visithelsinki.com. Can’t wait to visit Norway and Finland!!!!


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