Explore Singapore and Taiwan’s Quirky Attractions

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More than just a vast melting pot of cultures teeming with rich history and traditions, Asia is home to plenty of destinations that offer delightfully unexpected pleasures — from the fresh and eccentric, to the artistic and eclectic. Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ leading airline, invites traveling Juans to take the quirky route in exploring some of Asia’s most exciting cities.

Singapore’s plethora of artistic happenings

Singapore may be known for its fast-rising skyscrapers and modern architectural wonders, but it is no longer just about the high-end and expensive.

For those who want to skip the usual commercial attractions, Haw Par Villa is an unusual theme park where one can learn of the country’s history and culture. Built in the 1930s by two Burmese brothers, the park displays a thousand statues depicting Chinese mythology, folklore, legends and history. Its most famous attraction is the Ten Courts of Hell, which shows gruesome and eerie scenes of hell according to Chinese mythology.

Travelers will feel that they are no longer in Singapore when they arrive at the Bollywood Veggies, a 10-acre countryside organic farm that serves organic home-cooked meals. Located in the beautiful Kranji Countryside, it is a refreshing treat for those who want a change of scenery from the city-state’s high-end and fancy restaurants.

Young Singaporeans who have a taste for the hip and cool are adding more character to the city-state as an upbeat hub for shopping and the arts.  A few blocks from the shopping area of Bugis are the narrow streets of Haji Lane and Arab Street. Littered with colorful street art, the area is lined with bars, cafes, and tiny picturesque shops that sell everything from unique fashion finds to stationeries, and art pieces.

Taiwan’s eclectic attractions

In Taipei, young people stay up late not to party in clubs but to hang out till the wee hours inside a 24-hour bookstore. Eslite, Taiwan’s biggest bookstore chain, has redefined the night life and made reading one of the hippest pastimes in the country. Here, the busiest hours are 10pm to 2am, when customers of all ages fill the bookstore, seated in corners or leaning by the bookshelves, all absorbed in their books.

Foodies and concept restaurant hunters will love Taipei’s abundance of themed cafes and restos such as A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Modern Toilet, Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, and the Barbie Cafe. For the outdoorsy type, Yehliu Geopark, just 40 minutes from the capital, is an awe-inspiring natural marvel of rocks formed into shapes resembling figures such as the Queen’s Head, the Fairy’s Shoe, the Mushroom Rocks, the Tofu Rocks, and the Elephant Rocks.

Explore Asia beyond the usual tourist spots for a more interesting and memorable trip. Discover these cities’ quirky attractions via Cebu Pacific. For the latest seat sales and to book a ticket, visit www.cebupacificair.com.


One thought on “Explore Singapore and Taiwan’s Quirky Attractions

  1. There are still plenty of heritage sites in Singapore, quite a few spruced up for tourism, thank goodness. Visitors to Singapore really should go beyond the Marina Bay area to discover these. And there aren’t inconvenient to access at all.

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