Taking A Trip Down Under? Here’s Everything You Should Do In Perth

Australia, Oceania

It’s time for a trip down under. That’s right; we’re heading for Australia. Specifically, I’m going to tell you about everything you don’t want to miss when visiting Perth. One of Australia’s finest cities. Though, as you’re about to find out it’s what lies beyond the city limits that’s truly worth discovering. Join me then as I uncover some of the best things to see and do around Perth. If you take this trip, the adventurers and romantics won’t be disappointed; that’s for sure.

Kings Park And Botanic Gardens

You’ll have to search for a cheap car rental when you visit Perth because you are going to be doing quite a lot of traveling. There are a few things to do in the city of Perth. But, as already mentioned, the true cities lie in the wilderness. Okay, not so much the wilderness as a short car ride outside the center. There you’ll find Kings Park. It’s a gorgeous, picture perfect paradise that stretches for miles and is visited by well over six million people every year. There’s a lot to explore in this 400-acre wonderland. Make sure that you do stop by at least once as the sun begins to set. If you do this, you’ll get an enchanting view of Perth lit up at night. As well as that, don’t forget to journey along the elevated walkway through the trees. Below you’ll be able to see the entire park stretched out before you.

Perth Beaches

There are quite a few beaches that you’ll want to explore that I’d be hard-pressed to name just one that I recommend. Instead, I suggest you take a trip to as many as possible. Walk along the sandy shores or head for a swim in the shallow waves. Some beaches in Perth also offer surfing lessons. That’s something you might want to look into because the Aussies sure know how to ride the waves. In the evening, you can settle down on the green not too far from the shore for a great BBQ. Or, drive down to the pier for a meal at one of Perth’s finest restaurants.

Hire A Boat

If you’re a nature lover, you might want to see the sea life surrounding Perth up close and personal. Well, you can. You just need to hire a boat, and you can do that down at the city bay. You’ll be able to take out one of the smaller boats by yourself or with your family. Then you can jet across the ocean waves looking for the perfect area to drop anchor. Dive into the sea just off the coast and you might just spot a few sea creatures.

Rottnest Island

Lastly, you can finish your trip by taking a ferry over to Rottnest Island. There, you’ll have the chance to snorkel and scuba dive in crystal clear waters. It’s best to wait for the optimum weather conditions before you travel to this perfect paradise. Particularly, if you are planning on exploring the world below.

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I hope you have found this a great incentive to take a trip to Perth this year.


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