Food To Pack When You’re Going On Vacation


Are you going on vacation this summer or later this year? What you pack will have crossed your mind, but the chances are you’ve been focusing on things like clothes and shoes! Give some thought to the food you should take for a minute or two instead…


When you’re going camping….

The food that you will eat on a camping trip will be very different to what you would eat at home. This is because you will not have access to the wide range of tools and electronic equipment that you do at home. That’s right; there will likely be no toaster, microwave, slow cooker or over. So instead you need to think up foods that you can heat with hot water, or warm on a fire. For the former, instant porridge in cup packs for camping are fantastic. So are noodles that can be warmed with hot water When it comes to things you can warm up over a fire, tins are usually a good starting point. So, think soups, like chicken and tomato!


When you’re going on a boat…

Perhaps you’ve got a short ferry crossing or a four-week cruise! Even if you are not usually sea-sick or travel sick, sea sickness can strike unexpectedly. Whether you predict it hitting you or not, it is wise to be prepared just in case. Pack some fluids that have stomach-settling properties. Whether you feel very nauseous or just a tad, these will help. Ginger tea is great for settling an unhappy stomach.


When you’re going on a flight…

Let’s be honest. When you go on a flight, you are at the mercy of what the air hostess serves you. Sometimes this is bearable, other times not so much! Yes, you can take food items on with you. But if you are on a long-haul flight, these won’t last. So, many airplane foods tastes nicer with this very simple trick…

The main complaint that so many of us have about airplane food is that is bland. Well, spices, seasonings, and condiments can really help this. In your carry-on luggage, take some little pots of salt and pepper. If you like your food spicy, take a little bit of tabasco sauce also!


When you’re going to a hotel…

It used to be that case that hotels provided a kettle, tea, coffee, sugar and milk all the time. However, hotels are getting savvy to just how important many people find these. They are now being a little cheeky and sometimes charge extra for hiring these items! Avoid this unfair charge by preparing for it and taking your own things. Pack a travel kettle, and fill some clear plastic bags with the items you’ll need. Make one bag for tea bags, and another for coffee granules. Alternatively, you could buy some coffee bags (they exist!). Don’t forget some sachets of sugar and some small pots of long-life milk. Also, be sure to pack a mug! You don’t want to be drinking your morning coffee out of a tiny glass from the bathroom!



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