First Impressions: The Pulsating Beats of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, South America

It is barely an hour before sunset, I am sitting on the beach of the world famous Ipanema beach, holding my glass of chilled caipirinha.

Ipanema is teeming with activity, with both cariocas and visitors alike taking in some last minutes dips in the warm Atlantic ocean.  Others are playing volleyball and football (Brazilians are obsessed with both sports).

All around you, you can hear loud samba music that makes your hand body sway, and your feet dance involuntarily.

Any minute now, everyone would be heading back to the the clubs in Ipanema or Copacabana districts or to the mountainside favelas for some night parties Brazil is famous the world over for.


Copacabana Beach

This is Rio de Janeiro, one of the most exciting cities in the world.It is only my second day of visit to this South American metropolis but I am already in love with it.

Everything here seems to move at a frenetic pace and the flurry of activity doesn’t seem to stop . Rio de Janeiro, moves along an intense and urgent pulsating beat, you wont find anywhere else.

There is so much beauty and history here that it attracts millions of visitors year-round.


A view of Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado Peak

Rio de Janeiro has gotten a negative rep in recent years due to series of petty theft and robberies, which is common among third world countries, but that hasn’t stopped people from visiting.

Travelers arrive in droves all year-round to visit the Cristo Redentor statue in Corcovado Peak. Others take the long trip to take a dip in the Ipanema and Copacobana, two of the most famous beaches in the world while others, visit to partake in the endless parties in the city.


A Selfie at Ipanema Beach

To be completely honest, I thought that stories about Rio de Janeiro are mostly exaggerated and I thought that it would just be like the other beach-cities I have visited before.

But sitting on Ipanema beach, surrounded by hundreds of people, I can tell you that Rio de Janeiro is something else. It’s a city that is completely alive. It makes any visitor feel alive.

Rio de Janeiro gives any visitor energy and excitement and it makes everyone forget their worries and be just lost in the moment.

In an hour so, I would head out to downtown Ipanema for a samba party, and I wish for exactly that: to be completely lost in the moment.





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