Six Overlooked European Cities You Should Consider For Your Next Trip

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The obvious European hotspots pop up on most people’s travel bucket lists. These often include Paris, Rome, Venice, and London. But, there is a lot more to Europe than these tourist traps, which can be expensive, cliché and absolutely full of holiday makers. If you want to see real Europe, without all of the frills and glamour, you should instead head to these must-see destinations.



Brandenburg Gate. Photo from Pixabay

Berlin is becoming much more popular with tourists from around the world but attracts such an eclectic group that it still feels authentic and genuine. Berlin is absolutely packed with history, all of which is on display at the city’s many museums, monuments, and landmarks. It’s also full of restaurants, street food and bars from around the world and has a thriving art scene. Berlin is the place to visit if you want a trip with plenty to do, see, eat and learn. You certainly won’t be bored in this vibrant city. For the best places to eat, visit



York, Great Britain. Photo fromPixabay

Great Britain is known for London and Edinburgh. But, there’s plenty of other places worth a visit outside of the biggest cities. York is absolutely gorgeous. Filled with Harry Potter charm, little cobbled streets, cute independent shops and restaurants and bursting with its own unique history. It’s a picturesque city with an extraordinary allure.



Photo of Chain Bridge and the Parliament House. Photo from Pixabay

Budapest is actually two separate districts. Buda and Pest, which are separated by the river Danube. Buda is hilly while Pest is flat, but both sides are confident, beautiful and filled with romance. Visit the museums and galleries but also spend time exploring the back streets in search of hidden gems.



Peniscola Castellon in Valencia. Photo from Pixabay

Valencia is an absolute must for any food lover. The city is stuffed with street food vendors offering up fresh cuisine, as well as larger restaurants serving up both classic Spanish fare and delicacies from all over the world. While you’re there, you should also make some time to visit the Cathedral and Bioparc, which is a zoo devoted to African animals you may never have seen before.



The old buildings and canals of Ghent. Photo from Pixabay

When you think of Belgium, your first thought is probably Bruges. Ghent is little known outside of Europe but definitely worth a trip. It’s a destination that somehow manages to be both cozy and vibrant in equal measures. When visiting Ghent, make sure you try some of the chocolate and beer. Both of which are some of the best in the world.



The charming city of Innsbruck in Austria. Photo from Pixabay

Innsbruck is a funny city. There’s a huge, modern shopping district to rival Milan or New York. But, by trekking just a little way into the mountains, you find tiny old-fashioned villages. It’s almost like going back in time. Before traveling to Innsbruck make sure your travel insurance covers ski trips by visiting as you are sure to want to hit the slopes for a bit of adventure.

Travel Around Europe

If you can, spend some time traveling around Europe. Rail is an excellent option if you want to see as much as possible. Just be sure to explore both the bigger cities and attractions and the hidden gems and cultural hotspots.


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