Breathtaking Santorini

Europe, Greece

On her very first visit to Santorini, my friend said she was speechless over the sheer beauty of the island.

Splendid, Absolutely gorgeous, and stunningly beautiful. She was using all the superlatives she could find, to describe the Santorini, and even then, she said, her words weren’t enough.

As a casual listener, I always thought that her words were a bit exaggerated. After all, I have been to some amazing place myself, and I thought to myself that I would no longer be surprised by the beauty of Santorini.

Oh, man.  I was so wrong. Santorini is so much more magical and spectacular in real life than any photo or video you can see.

I had the chance to visit Santorini for the very first time recently and I nearly lost my marbles, because it was indeed one of the prettiest things I’ve seen. Even though I’ve been to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, I was still caught off guard by the charm of this jewel of the Mediterranean.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I saw in Santorini. Blog to follow in the coming days.

Note: I used an Asus Zenfone 4 phone to shoot these Santorini scenes. That explains the 4K quality of this teaser video. The phone is highly recommended for traveling since you can take hi-res photos and 4k videos.



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